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This proposal was originally discussed and approved in spanish.



The purpose of the Task force Proposal for Wikimedia Mexico is to have a structure prior to the founding of the chapter, to perform volunteer work, and to set goals to be achieved in the short and medium term in order to create a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation in Mexico.


In accordance with Step 2 of the Step-by-step chapter creation guide of the Wikimedia Foundation, as a group interested in working on a voluntary basis has been formed, it is now necessary to define structure and goals of the group prior to the formation of the chapter.

The intent of this proposal is to form a preliminary organization to divide tasks by time, ability, skill, and interest. The organization will have roles and subgroups with specific tasks. This organization will be useful in defining future areas of action that the first chapter and the foundational structure will have .

Each subgroup will consist of a coordinator (nominated by self or by others) and a group of volunteers. The preliminary organization as a whole will have a general coordinator and a secretary.


  1. Join the working groups desired. It is important to add the availability or tasks that you want to do.
  2. Nominate self or others for sub-group coordinator positions as well as the general coordinator.
  3. Vote on the nominations on March 1, 2011
  4. Approve this proposal before March 7, 2011

Task forces[edit]

General Coordinator[edit]

Iván Martínez

Tasks: coordinate the efforts of the task forces, reconciling interests and support the objectives of the various task forces. Have the temporary executive capacity to make agreements on behalf of the group after consulting same.


Gustavo Sandoval

Tasks: support the works of the General Coordination as it persues the common objectives of the organization.

Project manager[edit]

José Moisés

1. Legal[edit]


César Adrián


  • finalize the approval of the bylaws of Wikimedia Mexico under the recommendations of ChapCom.
  • complete the chapter's legal founding with Mexican authorities.

2. Linkage[edit]


Leigh Thelmadatter


  • Establish relationships and potential agreements with sectors that are strategic for the chapter, including government, academic and cultural institutions
  • Establish relationships and potential agreements for chapter funding
  • Create GLAM-type projects - especially those related to expansion of Wikipedias in indigenous languages and the acquisition of multimedia collections for Wikimedia Commons.
  • Encourage the pursuit of new strategic partnerships.

3. PR[edit]


Miguel Solís


  • Conduct external public relations activities to make the chapter better known in Mexico.
  • Make connections with sponsors (especially in technology-related communities, eg. Mozilla, Ubuntu, Free Software communities)
  • Perform public relations activities in the Wikipedia/Wikimedia community for the proper development of the chapter with other Wikipedians, Wikimedians, ChapCom members and the Wikimedia Foundation.

4. Internal work[edit]


Manuel Rodríguez


  • Perform internal support and organization for meetings, confirmations, design, photography, taking minutes.
  • Maintain current areas of communication and social network accounts
  • Maintain diverse channels of communication

5. Spokespeople[edit]


Carlos Soto


  • Disseminate and communicate the activities of chapter and Wikimedia projects via voice and visual media
  • Implement a media strategy between the group and the media
  • Act as masters of ceremony at public events
  • Respond and resolve issues to the outside media, and / or direct to the right person