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This is a log for the club "Handbook Club"

[2023-1-22] Club members assigned via Telegram
[2023-2-25] Initial meet during EAC Meet
[2023-4-12] Club established
[2023-4-12] Work plan created
[2023-4-12] Work Tracker for Phase 1 "Basic Handbook for Newcomers" setup complete
[2023-4-12] Work Log created
[2023-4-12] Work Schedule created
[2023-4-12] Member task assigned; upcoming due date=June 5th; content=Draft 1; assignee=ATB
[2023-6-10] Preliminary Draft completed; seeking consultation with local in progress, content pending for review.
[2023-6-10] Awaiting nomination of contact with local; expected date of completion will be delayed; new promised delivery date: 2023-9-5. Response to Growth pending.