Wikimedia New York City/Annual plan/2018-2019/Program and Events Dashboard Implementation Plan

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Title of Campaign: Wikimedia NYC: Simple APG 2018-2019

This Campaign will collect metrics during the period of the Wikimedia NYC sAPG 2018-2019, July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. In order to meet the reporting requirements of this grant, it will include all events that fall within the scope of its activities, including but not limited to edit-a-thons, workshops, and in-person meetups. In addition to the shared metrics used by WMF, the Chapter has committed to tracking geographically diverse partnerships and thematic events that focus on underrepresented knowledge and communities as defined by the WMF strategic plan for knowledge equity.

Implementing the Campaign[edit]

The Campaign is created by Wikimedia NYC at the start of the grant period.

Before the Event[edit]

Programs are created by the primary Wikimedia NYC organizer(s) of the event, which may vary depending on the partner and scope of the event. All organizers are expected to add the Campaign to the Program at the time of its creation.

If working with a partner that also uses the Program & Events Dashboard to track metrics (i.e. Art + Feminism), the organizer is responsible for sharing the Program with the partner’s designated facilitator so it can be added to the partner’s Campaign as well. If the partner creates the Program, Wikimedia NYC organizer(s) should be added as facilitators, at which point they must add the Program to the Campaign. The Wikimedia NYC organizer(s) may suggest the Program settings adhere to additional standards (i.e. start and end time for activity tracking), but should respect the partners’ needs. Most discrepancies can be corrected after the data is extracted.

Please note that a program may be registered in multiple campaigns. For Wikimedia NYC, a particular program may be included in campaigns that capture the Chapter’s calendar year and its grant period, as well as any campaigns created by a co-sponsor (i.e. Art+Feminism, or AfroCROWD).

At the Event[edit]

Wikimedia NYC is responsible for ensuring that editors are added to the Program & Events Dashboard.

Organizers may add editors in any of the following ways:

  • Log-in as a facilitator and add editors to the Program as they arrive to the event. This method is recommended for all in-person events.
  • Collect editors’ usernames from the sign-up on WP:Meetup. If this method is used, extra effort must be made to ensure that all editors sign-up.
  • Ask editors to sign-in to the Program & Events Dashboard. This method is not recommended when working with new editors as they often fail to complete the process and the metrics attached to their edits are lost.
  • Editors write their username on a notecard or sign-in sheet, which is then returned to the organizer. This method is not recommended as the usernames are often misspelled or illegible.

After the Event[edit]

In addition to the midpoint and final report to WMF, the Campaign and its Programs may be used for reporting immediately following the event. Within 48 hours of the event, a Wikimedia NYC organizer may email partners to thank them for their participation and to share results from the Dashboard. The Wikimedia NYC Communications Manager may use aggregate metrics (i.e. total number of articles created) or individual article titles to share the results via social media or other communications channels.

The results of the Campaign and individual Programs will be discussed by the Wikimedia NYC Board on a quarterly basis at minimum. Data will be extracted into a CSV file at least one month prior to the sAPG midpoint and final report deadlines. A designated working group will aggregate all metrics, including but not limited to the Global Metrics required by WMF. They will also add controlled tags to evaluate the organizational and thematic elements of the Programs.

Standards for Wikimedia NYC Programs[edit]

When an organizer creates a new Program, they are asked to provide basic information about the event and configure settings according to their needs. In order to collect metrics consistently across the Campaign, programs in the Wikimedia NYC: Simple APG 2018-2019 Campaign must adhere to the following standards whenever possible.

Program title Corresponds to event title on WP:Meetup
Institution Wikimedia NYC
Private program Yes
Specify separate event start/end times Yes
Start of activity tracking Activity tracking will correspond to the event start time
End of activity tracking Activity tracking will end 24 hours after the end of the event
Event start Event start time
Event end Event end time
Password protected No
Facilitators Facilitators will have full access to the information captured by the Dashboard, including editors’ usernames. Facilitators should include WMNYC’s primary metrics volunteer(s) and any co-organizers or sponsors.
Facilitators will also be added as editors, if they edit during the event time.
Program description A brief description of the program, including all co-sponsors and a link to corresponding page on WP:Meetup, when applicable
Campaign All programs must include two WMNYC campaigns - Wikimedia NYC: Simple APG 2018 - 2019 and Wiki NYC 2018 (as applicable). Co-sponsors’ campaigns should be added as well.
Tags Includes the names of any co-sponsors and thematic focus (i.e. gender). In order to assess grantee defined metrics, tags should reflect events that advance knowledge equity and geographically diverse partnerships.