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Wikimedia New York City/Net Neutrality

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A statement from Wikimedia New York City:

New York City and State has always been a beacon of free expression and diversity. As the nonprofit that connects the peoples and institutions of New York with the Wikipedia project, Wikimedia NYC is committed to expanding free knowledge in our local and global communities.

Wikimedia NYC supports net neutrality to ensure a free and open internet that enables knowledge projects like Wikipedia, and diverse peoples and communities to participate in a creatively free atmosphere unrestrained by commercial monopoly.

As Wikipedians, we know a neutral Wikipedia needs a neutral internet infrastructure, and an open ecosystem is vital to all free knowledge projects. As a membership organization that includes librarians, educators, lawyers, museum professionals, students, archivists and telephone workers, we recognize the importance of a free exchange of information. As New Yorkers, we need to support thriving, diverse neighborhoods online, as well as in our physical communities. This is especially important for historically marginalized peoples and nonprofit efforts that cannot thrive on a two-tier internet.