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This is the staffing plan for Wikimedia New York City (WM-NYC), a document which describes the way the organization handles its employees, independent contractors, or interns (collectively "staff"), and oversees their work. The document was first created in February 2016 during the preparatory work for the Grants:APG/Simple/Applications/Wikimedia New York City/2016 grant request. Changes can be made by the board during the following months to accommodate the experience that we gain from the first staff person ("staffer") and in light of experience from previous staff.

Responsible body[edit]

The body responsible for managing the staff persons is the Board of Wikimedia New York City. The staff person will be given tasks from the Board or any other person appointed by the Board (to avoid confusion). Members of the Community can suggest tasks for the staffer only with the approval of the WM-NYC Board or responsible WM-NYC Board member. Such approval can be informal.

General obligations[edit]

Each staff person is obliged to:

  • Learn and respect the methods of work inside the Wikimedia and Wikipedia community and comply with these to avoid demotivation of the volunteer community, which is the biggest asset that our organization has.
  • Communicate with external subjects on a professional level, corresponding with the good practice, experience and brand of the Wikimedia movement and Wikimedia projects
  • Respond to any activities-related message (calls, e-mails or other transmission) if necessary within a reasonable time (80% of e-mails within 2 days, 100% of e-mails within 1 week).
  • Present a short monthly report of his/her achievements to the Board and to the community using the internal chapter wiki. Important reports will be also published on Meta or on Wikipedia when necessary.


Each staff person will take care of his own tasks in the on-line management system. An open-source system (XXXXXXX Trello or Redmine) will be set up for the staffers so that the Board and also the rest of the chapter community will have a possibility to do an analysis of the work done by the staffer. This is especially important, as the amount of time the Board can provide for the staffer will be less than what the staffer can actually do as a paid or stipended person. Having all the staffer tasks available for the community will also provide communication with ease and also maintain transparency.

Personal meetings[edit]

The Board (or any person appointed by the Board) will maintain regular personal meetings with the staffers within an interval defined by the Board.

Currently, each proposed staff position has an "overseer" who is well-oriented in the field of the employee's work. This is Alice Backer ([one sentence CV]) for the AfroCrowd Program Manager and xxxxx ({one sentence CV]) for the Metrics and Reporting staffer.

Task workflow[edit]

Distribution of new tasks will be provided either by phone, e-mail or any other communication method (ie. Board meeting).

The staffer will file a new ticket for that task in the management system and publicly document the progress when working on the task.

Any task given to the staffer will be either:

  1. Long-term task
  2. Short-term task

The management system will distinguish between these two; long-term tickets will not be limited by time; short-term tasks will have a deadline. The management system will also distinguish among newly filed tickets, currently processed tasks and finished tasks. The staffer will be responsible for defining a ticket as a newly filed, currently processed or finished, based on the progress of his task. All the tickets will be available in the management system for editing by the Board and visible for the members of the chapter.

Contractor 1: AfroCrowd Program Manager (Jan 2016 - Dec 2016)[edit]

The overall task of the program manager, who has been selected for her work in 2015, is to manage the AfroCrowd and related programs education programs (Students Write Wikipedia, Senior Citizens Write Wikipedia) which have grown to a level requiring non-volunteer forces, ensure their sustainable development and help these programs to expand to other institutitions. Managing contacts with representatives of cultural and educational institutions - and with volunteers from the Wikipedia community - are an important part of this employee's work.


  • At least 5 Students Write Wikipedia and Senior Citizens Write Wikipedia projects newly started (since 1st January 2016) due to the efforts of the education manager.
  • At least 2 new cities where the Senior Citizens Write Wikipedia program has expanded to
  • Develop the existing "Mluvkové" ("Speakers") campaign specializing on training new Wikipedia public speakers and tutors to increase the number of people capable of speaking publicly about Wikipedia. Organize 3 courses during each of which at least 3 Wikipedians will be instructed by experienced public speakers from within the Wikimedia chapter to become trainees. Assemble the preexisting powerpoint slides which our volunteers routinely use for their lectures, give them a professional form and make them available for the community.
    • Engage 2 of these new trainees in public lectures or worshops on Wikipedia
    • Organize at least 3 practical Wikipedia courses for librarians and improve collaboration with libraries
  • At least 10 institutions (universities, GLAM subjects etc.) contacted; 5 institutions that had responded and were interested to initiate cooperation; 3 institutions that initiated a new method of cooperation during 2016.
  • Financial donation successfully obtained from at least 1 private subject, at least 3 private subjects contacted.
  • At least 3 articles in press, at least one in a high-impact nationwide paper or TV
  • 3 reports written annually on the Education portal on Outreach Wiki
  • Handling of senior citizen education program e-mail (seniori (at) and student education program e-mail (studenti (at)
  • Handling and monitoring social media pages for both education programs
  • Create a plan for the successful engagement of experts (retired professors) in Wikipedia
  • Providing assistance for the Masaryk University Wikipedia Team
  • Active membership in the Education Collaborative team of WMF

Staff time[edit]

     Organization of workshops and courses (25%)     Active participation at workshops (10%)     Communication (30%)     Meetings (12.5%)     Assistance in Brno (2.5%)     Managing social media (12.5%)     Reports and blog posts (7.5%)     Other (0%)

Because it is possible that the employee will have to master or at least improve his/her Wikipedia skills, the whole January will be reserved for a demanding self-study of Wikipedia, together with practical workshops and brainstormings with experienced Wikipedia tutors. Actual activities such as workshops for students, which we already schedule now in 2015, are scheduled for February 2016 or later.

After stabilization the weekly worktime will be as follows:

0.5 FTE = 20 hours of worktime / week

  • (25 %) ₋ 5 h ₋ organization of workshops and courses
  • (10%) ₋ 2 h - active participation at these workshops
  • (30 %) ₋ 6 h - e-mail, phone, or other communication with Wikipedia/Wikimedia community and other interested parties (GLAM institutions etc)
  • (12,5 %) ₋ 2.5 h ₋ in-person meetings related to the promotion and expansion of the education programs
  • (2,5 %) ₋ 0.5 h ₋ help with the development of activities in Brno, mainly the Masaryk University Wikipedia Team
  • (12,5 %) ₋ 2.5 h ₋ managing social media including the "Wikipedie" Facebook page, outreach to media
  • (7,5 %) ₋ 1.5 h ₋ preparing reports and blog posts

Contractor 2: Reporting Manager (Jan 2016 - Dec 2016)[edit]

"Wikipedian in Brno" is an official name for a position that has been gradually emerging in Brno, the second largest city of the Czech Republic, since 2013. After the regular meetings in Brno were established, long-time Wikipedian and member of WMCZ Marek Blahuš took control of them and established a flourishing community. He became a prominent face of the "Masaryk University Wikipedia Team" which gained financial support of the Masaryk University in Brno in 2015. In 2016, Marek Blahuš will expand his work to other non-university institutions as a "Wikipedian in Brno" and help to develop the local community. A formal partnership is being negotiated between the Masaryk University and Wikimedia Czech Republic, with plans for financial support from both parties. More information on the 2015 activities is here.


  • search, upload, proper description and categorization of 500 pictures from archives of Masaryk University in Brno, Moravian Library in Brno or other municipal institutions; they will be used in 125 articles on Wikipedia
  • instructing 50 employees of cultural or educational institutions in Brno or its surroudings
  • participation of Wikimedia at 4 events with a presentation of Wikipedia editing and practical workshops
  • spring and autumn scanning workshops for the public (uploading old historical pictures from personal archives)
  • spring and autumn uploading workshops for wiki-photographers
  • support of 10 regular edit-a-thons/consulting workshops for employees and students of the Masaryk University (a 'Wikipedia club') - in collaboration with Ing. Rambousek, a local university teacher
  • initiation and technical/organizational support of 4 new student courses (as a part of the Students Write Wikipedia program) at universities in Brno - in collaboration with the education manager
  • maintaining and nurturing of the community of Wikipedians and Wikipedia-friendly teachers in Brno and their interconnection - 12 monthly real-life meetings
  • advancing the formalizations of relationship with the Masaryk University and the Moravian Library in Brno and preparation of a technical and legal framework needed for efficient adaptation of the works from their archives under the CC licence

Staff time[edit]

     searches and uploads (25%)     instructing employees (8.33%)     WMCZ events (8.33%)     scanning workshops (3.83%)     uploading workshops (3.83%)     editathon support (3.83%)     Students Write Wikipedia (16.66%)     Community work (11.5%)     Talks with Masaryk University (8.33%)     Other administrative tasks (8.33%)     Other (2.03%)

It is expected that the part funded by the university will be more related to the institution itself (a "Wikipedian in residence" at Masaryk University as in 2015), the part funded by Wikimedia Czech Republic will not be limited to the university. Because the financial support from the university for 2016 has not yet been formally approved, the breakdown below only describes activities which are to be funded from the Wikimedia Czech Republic's budget.

0.3 FTE = 12 hours of worktime / week

  • (25 %) ₋ 3 h ₋ search, upload, proper description and categorization of pictures from archives
  • (8.33 %) ₋ 1 h ₋ instructing employees of cultural or educational institutions in Brno or its surroudings
  • (8.33 %) ₋ 1 h ₋ participation at Wikimedia events
  • (3.83 %) ₋ 0,5 h ₋ scanning workshops
  • (3.83 %) ₋ 0,5 h ₋ uploading workshops
  • (3.83 %) ₋ 0,5 h ₋ support of regular edit-a-thons ('Wikipedia Club')
  • (16.66 %) ₋ 2 h ₋ Students Write Wikipedia courses
  • (11.5 %) ₋ 1,5 h ₋ community work, real-life meetings
  • (8.33 %) ₋ 1 h ₋ talks with the Masaryk University and the Moravian Library in Brno, technical and legal environment needed for the release of the works from their archives
  • (8.33 %) ₋ 1 h ₋ other tasks including administration and reporting to the public and the board