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This page is dedicated to reporting FindingGLAMs organized in Nigeria.

General overview[edit]

Group photograph of the FindingGLAMs workshop at Kenneth Library, University of Ibadan.
Group photograph of the participants at Nimbe Adedipe Library, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta.

FindingGLAMs is a project organized by Wikimedia Sverige (Sweden) in building a truly worldwide database of cultural heritage institutions and their collections on Wikipedia, the largest and most popular educational site in the world. It will empower cultural organizations to share their knowledge and content with the world through collaboration, training, documentation and case studies in Nigeria and also lay the groundwork for a long term and sustainable collaboration between cultural organisations and the Wikimedia movement (the organizations behind Wikipedia and other free educational websites).


FindingGLAMs in Nigeria was designed to introduce Librarians to Wikidata and its usefulness for Library Studies. More so, to create visibility to Library in Nigeria on Wikidata.


The program was organised in Nigeria by Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Inc. in conjunction with :

Organizing team[edit]

Team User Names
Project Coordinator One Olaniyan Olushola
Project Coordinator Two Kaizenify

Measures of success[edit]


Please report on your original project targets.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
If at least 2 workshops took place 2 workshops took place at Kenneth Dike Library, University of Ibadan and Nimbe Adedipe Library
If at least 120 participants attended the 2 workshops took place Only 83 librarians attended the 2 workshops This is due to the clash of official engagements of some of the invited librarians with the workshops


Perfromance Graph at FUNAAB
Performance Graph at Kenneth Dike Library

Wikimedia Outreach Dashboard

  • Programs: 2
  • Editor; 83 but only 59 were able to login into the dashboard due to internet lapses
  • Words Added: 37.1K
  • Article Edited 124
  • Article Created 91
  • References Added: 55
  • Articles View: 100k


Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

  • What worked well?
  1. Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Inc's partnership with the two mentioned Universities provided an avenue for working with Librarians
  2. Gifts were giving to librarians with the highest contribution during the workshop. This initiative helps to increase the contributions of the participants.
  3. Outreach dashboard was deployed to measure metrics of the workshop.
  4. certificates of participation were issued to all the participants as evidence of participation at the workshop.

  • What did not work so well?
  1. . Unlike Nimbe Adedipe Library, the majority of the librarians at KDL were seeing Wikidata for the very first time so it took a long time to introduce them to the project.
  2. . Quality internet connectivity was a major challenge as it was very poor and hence limit the progress.
  3. . Library like Kenneth Dike Library experienced complete power failure which slowed down the pace of progress of the workshop.

Anything else[edit]

Is there anything else you want to share about the conference or event?

The knowledge gap within the Library system in Nigeria is enormous and the two universities are willing to work with us for another round of the GLAM related project. We, therefore, identify the following likely projects:

  • Adding Bibliography of authors with published journals to Wikidata.
  • Adding of published academics journals to Wikidata for citations
  • Nigeria is the largest country in Africa with over 700+ Universities and each institution has at least a functioning academic library.

We are hoping to organise a conference where stakeholders in Library studies in Nigeria will be exposed to the importance of structured data in the Library.

Photo galery[edit]

KDL: See more photos here[edit]

NAL: See more photos here[edit]


Printing Services for Inv 006785

Date Description of Items Vendor Reference No USD Remarks
16th Jan. 2020 Supply of Power Device for the Workshops CRYPTI ENter 0062 162
17th Jan. 2020 Catering Services for 120 pple Olbims Serv 0094 1080
17th Jan. 2020 Printing Services for Inv 006785 SAYCOL 00358 288.23
17th Jan. 2020 Supply of data Plan- 60GB Sandwich ICT 015177 196.66
Local Transportl 80.00
Total 1806