Wikimedia Projects Orientation program Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute(NARI), Phaltan

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NARI is an NGO and non-profit research and development institute. It was established in 1968 by scientist Dr.B.V. Nimbkar. This year in 2018 NARI is celebrating its Golden Jubilee.[1] Dr. Chanda Nimbkar, head of Animal Husbandry Division contacted us regarding content donation to Wikisource. She is grand daughter of late Dr. Irawati Karve, social scientist and anthropologist. The 6 books of Irawati Karve were made copyright free by her daughter Dr. Jai Nimbkar at Phaltan. Dr.Chanda took initiative to re-licence books as well as future content donations in the field of rural technologies, animal husbandry and agriculture.


  • To introduce the management members, field workers and scientists to Wikimedia projects
  • To evolve action plan for content, specific areas and priority
  • To identify potential trainers and editors
  • To list down forms of knowledge resources available


  • Dr. Chanda Nimbkar


Date : 22nd March 2018
Time : 2pm to 5PM
Place : Phaltan, Satara,Maharashtra,India
Venue : NARI Animal Husbandry Division
Participants : 25

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