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Wikimedia Science Communication Network

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Wikimedia Science Communication Network

The Wikimedia Science Communication Network (WiSciCoN) is an open network of (institutional) science communicators committed to expanding the presence of scientific content in Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects and to establishing this approach as best practice in science communication. Strengthening collaboration from universities, higher education and science institutions with Wikimedia and its authors is a key element of this approach.

The aim is to develop routines for contributing to Wikimedia projects, to connect interested individuals and institutions and to strengthen collaboration with Wikimedia. The network also aims to emphasise the potential for science communication and a call for a shift in science communication towards open platforms.

The network first formed at the conference Enhancing the voice of science on Wikipedia. How universities can collaborate with the online encyclopedia in science communication, which took place at the University of Innsbruck from 7 to 9 April 2024.

WiSciCoN is open to interested individuals and institutions to join.


Science (Communication) and Wikipedia. Potentials and Pitfalls. Keynote by Leonhard Dobusch (2024)

The members of the Wikimedia Science Communication Network support the openly licensed, non-commercial and collaborative form of knowledge creation and will intensify and expand their activities in Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Especially in the areas of science communication and strengthening international visibility, a presence in the various Wikimedia projects offers promising opportunities: It opens up a wide range of possibilities to make content from universities accessible to an international audience.

In light of the developments in the commercial digital sector, making the increasingly problematic structures of large platforms for public institutions particularly evident, the group emphasizes the need to expand its involvement in Wikipedia and its affiliated projects. Publicly generated knowledge should also be openly and, above all, sustainably accessible to all. This requires a reorientation in the perception of science communication.

To achieve this, collaboration with Wikimedia projects is an important necessity. An overall commitment to open platforms and projects with collaborative approaches – towards a dedication to open (science) communication – provides the foundation of this approach.


The organisation team from the Innsbruck conference (Melanie Bartos, Christian Flatz, Stefan Hohenwarter) can also be reached via wikipedia(_AT_)uibk.ac.at

  • Melanie Bartos, Communications team, University of Innsbruck
  • Christian Flatz, Communications team, University of Innsbruck
  • Stefan Hohenwarter, Communications team, University of Innsbruck
  • Christian Watzke, Web Office, Communications and Marketing, Heidelberg University
  • Roman Vilgut, Editor, Communications and Public Relations, University of Graz
  • Christof Simon, Website Manager, Public Relations and Media, Medical University of Innsbruck
  • Raimund Liebert, Wikimedia Österreich
  • Thomas Schallhart, Wikimedia Österreich
  • Pavel Zahrádka, Palacký University Olomouc

Dates and Events[edit]

To ensure consistent networking and collaboration and to further expand the group of collaborating institutions, online meetings are held every 6 to 8 weeks on selected topics with input from experts.

The next online meeting will take place on 24 June 2024, 14:00 CEST, online via BigBlueButton (Webbrowser, no further software needed)

Our first online meeting was on 27 May 2024

Topics were: Summary of the Innsbruck conference; planning of topics for future online meetings, exchange on current Wikimedia projects at the respective institutions
Everyone interested is welcome!

The conference Enhancing the voice of Science on Wikipedia will be organised annually and take place again in spring 2025.


At the conference in Innsbruck, the following further steps were jointly decided, which are currently being worked on. The results will be continuously updated on this page:

  • Establishing a presence in the Meta-Wiki as a sustainable networking platform with (learning) resources and updates on upcoming events
  • An editorial team of science communicators and Wikipedia experts is working together on a position paper combined with a "living" manual on how universities and higher education institutions can best cooperate with Wikimedia.
  • Preparation of a toolbox for working in Wikimedia projects to meet the specific requirements of science communication (concepts, resources, learning resources, cooperation opportunities, Creative Commons licensing, dealing with conflicts of interest)


Slides from Enhancing the voice of science on Wikipedia

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