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Can content from Wikimedia Space be followed from MediaWiki wikis?[edit]

This is a goal for this project. We will have a better assessment after launching this platform. The general idea is to generate wiki notifications from Wikimedia Space RSS feeds via an extension (i.e. Newsletter extension improved) and/or to update wiki pages that users can watch using a bot. See further details about content and notifications and search in Wikimedia Space.

How multilingual is Wikimedia Space?[edit]

Content in the news and discussion spaces will have the necessary features enabled to offer UI and content in multiple languages. Translation interfaces will also be accessible and easy to navigate for news stories. Initially, the Space will be consolidated in English, with multilingual capabilities being added as development continues. See further details about languages in Wikimedia Space.

Does the news in Wikimedia Space compete with other existing Wikimedia publications?[edit]

None of the existing community-driven publications has the entire movement as a target audience. Most of them are centered in a wiki project and are published in one language. While there will be overlapping content, we believe this also opens possibilities for collaboration. Plurality of media and perspectives is always healthy.

How is Wikimedia Space fixing information fragmentation in Wikimedia?[edit]

The problem of fragmentation of information is a main motivation for the creation of Wikimedia Space. Where possible, Wikimedia Space aims to integrate existing sources of information and to streamline the support process for Wikimedia projects. It will also provide new ways for people to connect, with features like a movement calendar, movement map, and closed groups for private collaboration. We encourage all community members use this platform as a centralized source of information, and a way to connect across platforms that would otherwise not be connected.

Can I join the Wikimedia Space editorial board?[edit]

If you are interested in joining the editorial board, please send us an email to wikimedia-space(_AT_), tell us why you’d like to join in this capacity and share 2 writing samples. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What if my story doesn’t fit any of the categories?[edit]

Categories are a way to keep the space organized and help community members find stories in an easier way. They are also a work in progress: there may be some content that we are overlooking, that is not considered in any of the existing categories. If you have recommendations for improving our content categories, please leave a comment in the discussion and use the #wikimedia-space-blog tag.

Can anyone have an account on Discourse, even if they do not have an account with Wikimedia?[edit]

No, you will need to be part of the Wikimedia movement, with a Wikimedia account, to be able to access Wikimedia Space. This will prevent confusion around which Wikimedia account is associated with which Discourse and WordPress user, and enforce accountability.

Can I use my Wikimedia account to log into Discourse?[edit]

Yes, all users authenticate to Wikimedia Space by using their existing Wikimedia account. Authentication is handled by the OAuth extension.