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Denna sida innehåller en sammanställning av olika lokalavdelningars målformuleringar.


  1. The purpose of the Association is to support the creation, collection and distribution of Open Content in a not-for-profit way in order to support education and the equal opportunity of access to knowledge. In terms of the Association, Open Content refers to all work that has been placed by its author under a license, which allows everybody to modify and distribute these works. In addition, the awareness of the related social and philosophical issues will be enhanced.
  2. For collection and distribution of Open Content, Wikis should be used predominantly, yet not exclusively. Wikis are software systems accessible via the Internet which let their users both access and modify content, thus enabling the joint creation of such content. The most prominent example of this principle is the free encyclopedia “Wikipedia” initiated by Larry Sanger and Jimmy D. Wales which is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  3. The Association shares the objectives of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit organisation based in Florida, USA. The Wikimedia Foundation coordinates activities along the lines of the Association’s purpose within the international sector, and manages the name Wikimedia as well as the names of the various international Wikimedia projects.


(1) The purpose of the Verein is to support the creation, collection and distribution of Open Content in a non-profit way, to support the equal opportunity to access to knowledge and the education. In terms of the Verein Open content is all work that have been placed by their creators under a license that allows everybody to distribute these works for free and to modify these works.

(2) For collection and distribution of Open Content, Wikis are supposed to be used predominantly yet not exclusively. Wikis are software systems accessible via the Internet which let their users both access and modify content, thus enabling the joint creation of such content. The most prominent example of this principle is the free encyclopedia "Wikipedia" initiated by Larry Sanger and Jimmy D. Wales which is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation.

(3) The Verein shall take the responsiblities of a section (Local Chapter) of the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. (Florida, USA). The Verein's independence is not affected by this. The Wikimedia Foundation acts as the umbrella organization for all national Wikimedia sections, it coordinates the activities according to the Verein's purpose within the internactional sector and it manages the name Wikimedia as well as the names of the various international Wikimedia projects.

(4) The Verein's purpose is to be pursued by:

  • the operation and the funding of operation of online systems for creation, collection and distribution, respectively, of Free Content. The main focus lies on the several international Wikimedia projects.
  • the distribution and support of distribution of Free Content by other means, e.g., in digital or printed form, with focus on the contents of the international Wikimedia projects.
  • the acquisition, making available und distribution of information and public relations work relating to Free Content, Wikis and the various Wikimedia projects, through events or information literature.
  • resolving scientific, social, cultural and legal questions relating to Free Content and Wikis, e.g. with expert opinions, surveys, and awarding of scholarships.

(5) The Verein may collect funds for or transfer them to other tax-exempt corporations or corporations under public law, if they are used exclusively for the purposes mentioned above, and it may hold shares or be a member of such corporations.

(6) The Verein persues only and exclusively directly non-profit aims as stated in the passage about "tax privileged aims" of the fiscal code. It is selfless and its aims are primarily non-profit.

(7) Funds of the Verein can only be used for purposes stated in this statutes. Its members do not, as members, get any financial benefits from the Verein's funds. No person may benefit through spendings which are not necessary for the promotion of its aims or through disproportionally high payments.


Stadgarna på franska:

Israel[edit] förefaller vara de slutgiltiga?

  1. Promoting knowledge and education in Israel by gathering, creating and distributing free content.
  2. Promoting equal opportunities in access to knowledge.
  3. Promoting the gathering and distribution of free content and especially through the various projects of the Wikimedia Foundation.
  4. Promoting discussion and research and furthering of social, cultural, and practical aspects of free content.
  5. Promotion of volunteer work for the above purposes.

UK[edit] Verkar inte ha stadgarna (eller motsvarande) offentliga? Så här står det på deras webbplats, förvisso inte i stadgeform (Wiki Educational Resources Ltd är Wikimedia UK:s juridiska namn)

About Wikimedia

The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual content, and to providing the full content of these wiki-based projects to the public free of charge. The Wikimedia Foundation operates some of the largest collaboratively edited reference projects in the world, including Wikipedia, one of the 15 most visited websites in the world.

The Wikimedia projects have an international scope, and their outreach has already made a significant impact throughout the world, regularly appearing in the top ten websites around the world. To continue this success on an organisational level, Wikimedia is supporting the independent creation of an international network of associated organisations.

Local chapters, like Wikimedia UK, are fully independent organisations that share the goals of the Wikimedia Foundation and support them within a specified geographical region. In addition to supporting the Wikimedia Foundation, the Wikimedia community and the Wikimedia projects by collecting donations, organising local events and projects and spreading the word of Wikimedia, they also provide a source of education and support in the participation of developing free and open content and in 'Wiki' culture. They also provide the community and potential partners with a point of contact capable of fulfilling specific local needs and are involved with additional education-related projects and activities.

About Wiki Educational Resources Ltd

Wiki Educational Resources Ltd is the legal name of the organisation which has been founded in the United Kingdom to undertake a range of educational projects related to free content and to operate as the UK Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. Incorporated 14 February 2006, it is a Company limited by Guarantee, registered at Companies House. It will be applying for Charitable status during 2007.


Artikel 3

"Wikimedia italiana" has no profit purpose. It intends to operate in the field of the culture and knowledge. In order to actively contribute to the diffusion, the improvement and the progress of the knowledge and culture in the world, Wikimedia italiana aims at supporting the development of encyclopedias, quote collections, educational books and collections of other documents, information and electronic databases having the following characteristics:

  • they are completely free
  • they are available on-line through the internet technologies and their derivatives
  • they have a content editable by the user
  • they have a free content, that can be distributed freely under the conditions of licenses like the GNU Free Documentation License, issued by the Free Software Association Inc., and particularly by its European branch on the site

Particularly, Wikimedia italiana intends to promote and support, directly and indirectly, the developments, the transfers, the translations in Italian language of the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Even though Wikimedia italiana is subject to the Italian laws, its purposes include the support to the projects of the Association on the whole, and not only to the ones in Italian language. The usage of the Italian language is functional to the work of the association but it does not mean a definition of the association purposes on a national basis.

The projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. include, among the others, the following internet sites:

The fulfilling of these purposes might possibly imply the installation and the management of servers supporting the Wikimedia Association.

On the other hand, Wikimedia italiana has no interest in entering in the collective management of those sites, especially for what concerns the rules, the decisions, the contents and any other collective act. This does not prevent the association members to express their personal opinions about those policies.

If, however, one or more servers will be installed under the responsiblity of "Wikimedia italiana", the association will have to monitor the compliance with the laws enforced in the territory where those servers will be installed, also in case such compliance should imply a direct influence on the content of the pages. Such influence will be strictly limited to guarantee a full compliance with the law.

The association is able to participate to projects and mettings in Italy and abroad. However, no participation will be allowed without the agreement of the local branch of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., if existing.

Wikimedia italiana is able to carry out all the activities related to its fundamental objective and all the accessory and integrative activities, even though they are carried out in lack of the conditions defined in this article, so long as they remain within the limits of the applicable laws. "Wikimedia italiana" pursues its aims both directly and in collaboration with other organizations having the same objective and can carry out all the financial operations judged necessary, useful and opportune for the fulfilling of the above mentioned intents.


1. The objective of the association is:

a. to promote the acquisition and release of free and/or free accessible information in any manner, thereby using, but not limited to, the internet to store and keep this information.;
b. To support the objectives of the Wikimedia Foundation Inc., a non-for-profit organisation established in Florida (USA).

2. The association shall attempt the realisation of its objectives by applying any legal means.

3. The association neither has any power, nor assumes any responsibility, for the information as meant by article 2.1.a., neither to the content thereof, nor to the way this content is being acquired and processed.


Art. 8.

The Association's goals are:

  1. Equating everyone's chances to access knowledge, both general and specific in the fields of science, culture, education, art and others.
  2. The promotion and organization of volunteer work.
Art. 9.

The Association realizes its goals through:

  1. Supporting the development and maintenance of projects based on the wiki technology, as in, having content editable by every person who is allowed to use these projects according to its internal rules
  2. Distributing their full content on the Internet under the condition of free licenses like the GNU Free Documentation License, issued by the Free Software Foundation.
  3. Representing outside the internet projects of Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikinews, Wikisource, Wikibooks and others started by the Wikimedia Foundation, hereafter referred to as "Wikimedia Projects", especially those in Polish, Kaszubian or any other language used by an ethnic or national group traditionally existing in Poland.
  4. Financial support of the precedent organization Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., in aims of installing and maintaining of the servers used by the Wikimedia Projects.

Serbien[edit] Mål och syfte förefaller insprängt lite här och var i stadgarna.

Article 2

Association is founded as a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit association of citizens, with the goal to support not-for-profit creation, the gathering and reproduction of free content, and to support the idea that all people have equal access to knowledge and education. According to the understanding of the Association, the term free content denotes every product that is licenced by its author in a fashion that allows everyone to freely use, reproduce and modify it.

Article 5

For the purpose of gathering and reproduction of free content, the "wiki" software is taken as the most widespread, though not the only one. "Wiki" software is a computer program system available on the Internet which enables the users to view and modify the content, thus facilitating the creation of free content. The most significant example of the application of this principle is the online encyclopedia "Wikipedia", founded by Jimmy D. Wales and run by Wikimedia Foundation.

Article 7

Purpose of the Association is to conduct the following activities:

  • Manage a system on the Internet for creation, gathering and reproduction of free content, and manage and dispose of the assets marked for this purpose. Focus of interest is on several international Wikimedia projects.
  • Reproduce and support the reproduction of the free content in digital, printed and other forms, with accent on content of international Wikimedia projects.
  • Gather, publish and reproduce information, and do public relations, in connnection with free content, "wikis" and Wikimedia projects through events and informative literature.
  • Deal with scientific, social, cultural and legal questions related to free content and "wiki", using opinions of experts, displays and stipend grants in the process.


Article 1.2


The objective of Wikimedia Taiwan is to support Wikimedia Foundation Inc. (USA) and its projects in Taiwan.

Article 1.5 The missions of Wikimedia Taiwan are:

  1. To popularize Wikimedia projects and relevant business.
  2. To popularize the ideas of Wikimedia projects such as knowledge sharing, free content, collaboration, and etc.
  3. To cooperate with relevant organizations and projects which support the objectives of Wikimedia Foundation.
  4. To safeguard the lawful right of members.