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Wikimedia Sverige's strategy gives focus for the programs on a 2-4 year basis from 2012 in order to reach the, by the association decided, vision.

The strategy is divided into stakeholders as in the vision. It is the results from discussions during a member meeting in August 2012.

Contributors of content[edit]

Prioritized focus group
  • All contributors of content release what they produce under a free license.
  • All educational content is easily accessible for free and in an open standard.
  • The association shall create and disseminate information and knowledge about free licenses.
  • The association shall influence authorities, public institutions and organizations so that they are starting to use free licenses.
  • The association shall give hands-on support to organisations that wants to make their material available under free licenses.

Teaching institutions[edit]

Prioritized focus group
  • All teaching institutions embrace the concept of free knowledge.
  • The creation of new free knowledge is an integrated part of education and research.
  • The association shall work towards for making research funded by public means published under free licenses.
  • The association shall educate teachers to integrate Wikipedia in Education, especially by stimulating students to write and actively contributing.


Prioritized focus group
  • A sufficiently large and healthy community interacting in a productive manner.
  • Everybody contributes to projects for free knowledge disregarding background, age or gender.
  • Everybody realizes that sharing knowledge is advantageous for everybody.
  • The association shall work towards getting under represented groups as editors to be more active.
  • The association shall organize and support meetings of different kinds for active editors.
  • The association shall give support and encourage topic experts to actively contribute to the projects.
  • The association shall investigate what support the active editors needs and work to fulfill those, either on our own or by forward tte information to relevant place.


  • Everybody requests and understands the value of free and accessible knowledge.
  • All users can find relevant information quickly and without effort.
  • The association shall work towards a positive attitude, and enhanced usage of the Wikimedia projects and free knowledge, by doing PR and educating the public and potential users in Sweden.
  • The association shall, as a contact between the Wikimedia Foundation and users in Sweden, contribute for enhanced usability of the platform, especially when it comes to search and localization.
  • The association shall work towards that feedback from users should make free knowledge better.

Promoters of knowledge and education[edit]

  • The concept of free knowledge is so accepted that it does not need to be explained.
  • The boundaries between us and promoters of knowledge and education are erased and we are working together towards a shared goal.
  • The association shall give advice to politicians and authorities regarding free knowledge.
  • The association shall influence politicians to work for free licenses.
  • The association shall influence institutions to encourage use of Wikipedia in Education.
  • The association shall seek financial support from promoters of knowledge for its work.