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Wikimedia Sverige and Higher Education/Lund University/Material

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To guide you in how to use Wikipedia, please find below videos, brochures and handouts.

  • Citing sources tutorial 2. Part 2 of a tutorial on citing sources using inline references on Wikipedia, which covers the basic use of the "Cite" function in the edit toolbar.
  • Add articles to your watch list. By adding interesting articles to your watch list you can more easily keep track on how articles evolve and what changes are made to them by other editors.

 Videos in Swedish  


  • Wiki markup. This one-page quick reference helps you to remember the most frequently used wiki markup commands.
  • Advice for choosing articles. Determining what Wikipedia article you should work on can be a challenge. Here are some best practices that have worked well for others.
  • Citing sources on Wikipedia. Citations are critical to make content on Wikipedia reliable. Here’s how to cite sources in the articles on which you are working.
  • Adding images to your articles. Good Wikipedia articles contain illustrations that help explain the topic visually. Here’s how to find and add an image to your Wikipedia article.