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Activities' report
Wikimedia Venezuela

Report of activities per month


Public Domain Edit-A-Thon Valencia, January 2020
First Wiki'Kepein edit-a-thon, January 2020
  • January 18th: First Wiki'Kepein edit-a-thon, in Riohacha Cultural center in collaboration with CIS-A2K (Centre for Internet and Society - Access to Knowledge) and Wikimedia Colombia
  • January 20th: Edit-A-Thon and discussion about public domain in Valencia City with the collaboration of Creative Commons Venezuela, attended by about 15 people.
  • January 30th: Radio interview - Agenda Exitos, 99.9 FM - Caracas, VE


SuenaWiki Azul neg.png
  • April 13th: #SuenaWiki 2.1: About the challenges and difficulties of the Wayuu community in the Wikimedia movement; For 30 minutes we talked with an indigenous activist and communicator about volunteering in the Zulia region.
  • April 20th: #SuenaWiki 2.2: Retrospective of Wikimedia Venezuela under the vision of one of our partners; a chapter's founding member and software developer explains his experience about it.
  • April 23th: Interview with Latin American chapters; During 30 minutes we spoke with the Executive Director of Wikimedia Argentina who gave us her experience of the Wikimedia movement and about the fundamental participation within the Wikimedia 2030 strategy.
  • April 25th: Wikipedia virtual editing workshop in Wayuunaiki


  • May 11th: #SuenaWiki 2.4: A sociologist who has been part of Wikimedia Venezuela for the last three years tells us about her experience as a volunteer within the chapter.
  • May 25: #SuenaWiki 2.5: A university student who has been part of Wikimedia Venezuela for the last three years tells us about his experience as a volunteer within the chapter.


WMVE's Annual virtual Associates meeting 2020
  • June 4th: WMVE 2020 Virtual Associates Annual Meeting: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual associate meeting was held virtually. With the participation of 10 members of the chapter, we talked about the work dynamics we had in the year due to the pandemic, they also talked about the plans for 2030, among other things. It was asked if any of the partners wanted to provide some kind of support to the regional committees
Webinars on Digital Rights in collaboration with Wikimedia Argentina, June 2020
  • June 8: #SuenaWiki 2.6: The guest of the episode was Aura Marina Boadas, deputy manager of the Council for Scientific and Humanistic Development of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV)
  • June 22th to 25th: Webinars on Digital Rights in collaboration with Wikimedia Argentina. The speakers were:
    • Gema Manzanares, "Sexist violence through technology: keys to identify and resist"
    • Gaspar Pisanu, "Human rights in the digital age"
    • Carlos Guerra, "Bypassing censorship and anonymity on the internet: An introduction to proxies, VPNs and Tor"
    • Pilar Saénz, "This is not your fault either."


  • July 20th: #SuenaWiki 2.7: We spoke with a professor from the Andrés Bello Catholic University, he told us about the situation of education and the Wikimedia movement in the country, in the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • July 28th: Participation of a volunteer from Wikimedia Venezuela in the round table about Challenges of Linguistic Minorities on the Internet as part of RightsCon Online 2020


  • August 3th: #SuenaWiki 2.8: A digital rights copyright lawyer and leader of the national chapter of Creative Commons tells us about licenses and their promotion in the local context.
  • August 15th: Online session about "Myths and truths about Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" in collaboration with the Cultural Center of the Andrés Bello Catholic University


  • November 4th: Second online meeting on indigenous languages to edit Wiktionary
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