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The Wikimedia Foundation holds the trademarks, so this is not really an 'affiliation model' in the sense of the other models. However, for the sake of clarity and to compare the rights and duties of the Foundation to those of groups affiliated with Wikimedia, this page was created with the same format as the pages for the affiliated groups.

  • Name: Wikimedia Foundation
  • Mission: To support and promote the Wikimedia projects and communities, in collaboration with a global network of chapters. To maintain the technical and legal infrastructure to empower people to collect and develop free educational content, to preserve it online, and to disseminate it globally.
  • Territorial range: Global
  • Incorporation: Incorporated as a non-profit
  • Minimum rights:
  1. Legal ownership of trademarks
  2. Control of private data related to operating the sites
  3. Control of the primary server farms operating the sites
  4. Basic use of the Wikimedia trademarks for fundraising, promotion and organization of projects and events
  • Minimum duties:
  1. Effective stewardship and sharing of trademark rights with projects and movement entities
  2. Facilitation of the work of movement entities
  3. Effective financial oversight
  4. Transparent reporting
  5. Access to funds raised through global fundraising
  6. Legal backing and advice where needed
To National and Sub-national Chapters: administrative support in developing capacity as an independent non-profit. Professional development support to build skills within the organization (staff and volunteer) to support that work. help fostering chapters in every country in the world.
To Thematic Organizations: Support in developing as an independent non-profit. Building expertise and a global network in their area of focus.
To Special Interest Groups: Feedback on their project work. Support if they are pursuing outside grants or partnerships (and there is no regional chapter that can provide that help)
To Movement Affiliates: Visible support for the affiliate and their efforts
  • Trademark use: All rights.
  • Origin of funds: Individual donations, global unrestricted grants; possible future endowment
  • Relationship with overlapping entities: The Foundation needs to provide streamline their communication and avoid duplicate work.
  • Board and membership: Community-elected, chapter-selected, appointed
  • Transparency and communication: Full information about Board members and core staff
  • Capacity to sign agreements with third parties: Yes; should inform affiliated groups when an agreement or partnership will overlap with their geography or sphere of work.
  • Recognition from: Global governments (in the trademark sense), community (in the Board election sense)
  • Reporting requirements: Monthly metrics reports from all departments, monthly public updates on wiki page, biannual financial reports, annual project reports, regular public office hours about active programs. Annual plan in multiple languages.
  • Mentoring and support: From advisors and affiliates.
  • Notes: The existence of the Foundation should make it easier and less risky for all other organizations to get started and develop programs.