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The Wikimedia and Libraries User Group is intended to bring together Wikipedians and Librarians. Wikipedia and libraries are natural allies, both focusing on using reliable sources to share knowledge. Wikipedia depends on libraries for their references and reference expertise, while libraries increasingly recognize Wikipedia's role in the discovery and dissemination of content.

This user group serves to combine and multiply collaboration with libraries and librarians, from edit-a-thons hosted at libraries, to the Wiki Loves Libraries outreach campaign, to the broader institutional and publisher outreach of the Wikipedia Library, to a single forum open to all Wikimedia community members and any librarians interested in working with Wikipedia.


Tens of thousands of libraries around the world use Wikipedia and have patrons who rely on it as a starting point for information. For the last decade, Wikipedians have worked to reach out to librarians as well as serve our community of editors with reference and research support. The fusion of Wikipedia and Libraries has gathered momentum in the movement with great initiatives like The Wikipedia Library, the Catalan Public Library Network, and the IFLA white papers on Wikipedia and Library collaboration. While there is a libraries mailing list, and now a Wikipedia + Libraries Facebook group, the next step is to form a user group centered around collaboration and guidance between Wikipedia and Libraries, Wikipedians and Librarians.

This group is a place to meet other community leaders who work with libraries, form partnerships with allies, host events at institutions, conduct outreach to national organizations or regional and international groups and consortia. It is open to all levels of interest. A special focus will be finding ways to direct the momentum in the library world as it increasingly opens its doors (and resources) to Wikipedia into a concrete and active user group. Participants are encouraged to get involved in their community, join the international efforts, and take their projects from brainstorming through to impact.


  • Guidance - providing guidance for Wikimedians engaging with libraries, and libraries engaging with Wikimedia
  • Rendezvous - providing a venue for the exchange of ideas around collaborations and opportunities for Wikimedia and libraries
  • Advocacy - working with libraries and library information schools promoting the use of Wikipedia in their curriculum
  • Outreach - reaching out to libraries that could potentially engage with Wikimedia

Who can benefit?[edit]

Although the group is formed predominately by Wikipedians and librarians, anyone is welcome to join.

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