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Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Shared Knowledge/February 2016

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Activity report

February 2016

Theatre actors of Macedonia - Skopje Drama Theatre[edit]

Logo of the Theatre Actors of Macedonia project
Logo of the Theatre Actors of Macedonia project

This month saw the first part of the project called Theatre actors of Macedonia (Театарски глумци во Македонија) designed to systematically illustrate the theatre actors of Macedonia (many of them TV and film actors too) by taking high-quality images in their theatres and improving their articles. In February we covered 17 thatre personalities of the Skopje Drama Theatre, photographing them at the stalls. Our project page lists them by name and shows the status of their articles.

Editors of our community have started improving actor's articles consulting information provided by the theatre itself and other sources. New articles will be created, where none exist so far. We are grateful to Robert Veljanovski, the Director of the Skopje Drama Theatre and a noted actor himself, for his enthusiasm for the project and his kind help in organising his cast.

This is an ongoing project, intended to run throughout the year. We are currently negotiating with other theatres in the capital, so that they too may benefit from our project. A similar photo session is to follow soon in one of them.

Sample images[edit]

Here are some of the 17 images made during the session at the Skopje Drama Theatre. The full gallery of photographed actors can be found at Category:Theatre actors of Macedonia by Shared Knowledge.

Romance languages Editing day[edit]

See: Википедија:Уредувачки денови 2016#Февруари
Chart of Romance languages
Chart of Romance languages

On 21 February, we organised the second of our Editing Days. This time, the topic was Romance languages (Романски јазици), where we covered 14 European languages and languages, dialects and groups that are less prominent or endangered due to historical and political circumstances. Thirteen of these were new articles, and one was improved, by a total of five participating editors during 24 hours.

Aegean Macedonia Editing contest[edit]

See: mk:Википедија:Уредувачки натпревар/Села во Егејска Македонија
The Editing competitions logo
The Editing competitions logo

In February we started the first of our Editing competitions for 2016, taking place from 22 February to 22 March. The topic is Settlements of Aegean Macedonia. Most of the numerous settlements (except major cities/towns) in that large geographic area were absolutely minimal stubs consisting of a single sentence. This was a very significant gap on mk.wiki and required a large-scale organised undertaking in order to be remedied. The settlements have previously been systematically placed in overview, dividing into the administrative units where they belong.

As source material, we used a mixed approach on basing or editing on existing content on other wikis, as well as using the major two-volume work provided by our Wikimedian-in-residence at the National Academy.

During February (22nd to 29th), we created over 100 articles, most of which have been written from scratch and of satisfactory size. The editing continues until 22 March and many more are expected.

Current negotiations[edit]

We are currently negotiating projects and collaborations with a number of institutions. More details will follow as soon as we have reached a collaboration plan.

  • Chemistry Institute of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University - recording chemistry experiments
  • Macedonian National Thatre - photo shoot as part of the Theatre Actors of Macedonia
  • Two museums (Archaeological and Macedonian National) for GLAM collaboration
  • Institute for Macedonian language "Krste Misirkov" - Macedonian dialects and famous ethnolinguists project
  • National and University Library and the Braḱa Miladinovci City library - cooperation on holding Wikimedia outreach, public lectures, edit-a-thons and possibility for a Wikimedian-in-residence

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