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Activity report

February 2017

Edit-a-thon and collaboration with the Memorial House of Mother Theresa[edit]


The Memorial House of Mother Theresa in Skopje, Macedonia

Since Mother Theresa was born in Skopje, there is a Memorial House built in her honor near the real location of the house she was born in. That Memorial House is basically a museum about Mother Theresa and her work. That is why Shared Knowledge decided to contact them, and in the course of the second week of February a memorandum for collaboration was signed. The initial terms of the collaboration involve sharing information and materials regarding the life and work of Mother Theresa and her associates. Another thing that was agreed upon the initial meeting with the director of the museum was one edit-a-thon which would involve the employees from the museum.


General atmosphere from the edit-a-thon.

On 16th of February 2017 Shared Knowledge held the first edit-a-thon for this year. This edit-a-thon was one among the couple of things Shared Knowledge has agreed upon the collaboration with the Memorial House of Mother Theresa - The event was hosted in the Memorial House of Mother Theresa itself, where most of the staff working there participated, the employees from Shared Knowledge, and one volunteer from Shared Knowledge. The topic of the edit-a-thon was the life and mission of Mother Theresa. As an additional topic was the Memorial House of Mother Theresa as well, since the article about it was scarce and in need of improvement. The outcome of the edit-a-thon is quite satisfactory. The initial goal that was set has been reached, and expect further contributions from the employees and the memorial house in the future.

The edit-a-thon lasted 4 hours, due to the fact that the museum works 7 days a week and it is quite crowded. Those 4 hours yielded eight completely new articles, one largely improved (the main article about Mother Theresa in Macedonian), and around 50 images uploaded on Commons.

Edit-a-thon Gallery[edit]

The whole gallery with photos from Mother Teresa editathon you can find on Commons.

Editing Day[edit]

The first editing day of the year took place on 19 February on topics related to time periods (e.g. years, decades) of the 15th century. The topic was deliberately chosen, because there is a high number of stubs or very short articles on years and decades on the Macedonian Wikipedia. Participants in the day were free to choose materials for editing, but were guided by the content in the same articles on the other Wikipedias. The editing day ended with participation by two users, who improved a total of 4 articles.

Editing Weekend[edit]

Stub stadi.png

During the weekend on 25-26 February, the second editing weekend was organised. This one, covered topics connected to sport, mainly football stadiums from around the world. During the course of the editing weekend, three users created 24 articles about stadiums throughout the world. The materials used for the articles were mainly pulled from Wikipedia in English. Editing weekends like this are a great way to create larger amounts of content on a certain topic quickly and with good quality since a larger portion of the community is involved. It is also a great way for new writers and editors to create a habit of contributing.