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Activity report

February 2018

WikiClub & Wikipedia lectures at American Corner Skopje[edit]

On 6th of February within the project "Lectures" which is envisaged in the annual plan, the WikiClub has been launched in the American Corner Skopje where several members during 6 lectures every 2 weeks in the next 3 months will have the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with editing, searching, working on Wikipedia as well as with all the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation and Shared Knowledge in the current year, allowing the opportunity to the members to join and volunteer. Considering the fact that we have one international student from Poland who joined the WikiClub the first lecture was held mostly in English and further classes will be held bilingual mostly in English and Macedonian. The lectures are of an open nature and they can be joined by all interested ones. Second lecture was held on 20th of February where the participants, including two new members, were instructed in more advanced editing and creating articles.

1st lecture (06.02.2018)
2nd lecture (20.02.2018)

Startup of the WikiIndustry project[edit]

On 14th of February, started the WikiIndustry project whose principal goal is to make visits to industrial capacities and document the manufacture process in different industries as well as the final products. The project came up as an idea and closely resembles of the previous Wikiwine and the current Agroexpeditions projects, where several industrial plant were already visited, primarily wineries and food industry plants. This visit was organized by Македонец, Иван Ж and our longstanding contributor from Strumica Тиверополник who arranged the visits of production plants of the textile and wood industry. Dozens of images were photographed which in the next period will be uploaded and used for creation of articles on Wikipedias in support of this branches of the industry and economy.

Start of the Educational program in "Krume Kepeski" Primary School[edit]

On 13th of February, we started the Educational program in "Krume Kepeski" Primary School. This is the first such educational program in the upper classes of primary schools that is implementing similarly by the example of the already and still ongoing multi-year educational program at Josip Broz Tito High School. Thanks to our friend who is teacher of history and optional subject and cyclist Slobodan Trajkovski, who in the previous years have been editing by himself on Wikipedia, in front of 17 students, as well as representatives of school officials, was held a lecture on the basics and a more detailed introduction to Wikipedia and all other Wikimedia projects. Students showed interest and in the forthcoming period they will make their first steps on Wikipedia by editing content on their optional subject where they study about the homeland and the customs.

Editing competition[edit]

On 5th of February have started the first editing competition for this year titled 1000 articles every Wikipedia should have, by the model and experience of several other language editions of Wikipedia that have already carried out this contest. There are 8 editors who are editing from the List of articles every Wikipedia should have. The competition will last until 4th of March after which according to the grades of the jury 8 different types of prizes will be awarded.


On 24 February, we held the first edit-a-thon in a joint work with „NGO Iskra“ on the topic: persons with disabilities, ie with cerebral palsy. This edit-a-ton was granted to the NGO "Iskra" (Spark) whose members contacted us and were invited to attend our events such as Wiki Loves Food 2017 ceremony, edit-a-thon "VeloCity" and WikiClub at American Corner lectures after which they where supported logistically by our knowledge with know how, information and other stuff, mostly by Mario Sharevski. On the day of the edit-a-thon at the private high school "SABA" our most experienced wikipedians Kiril Simeonovski and Ivan Zivkovic held a lecture of the basics of Wikipedia and editing articles in front of the students of medicine and doctors, who edited 6 articles.

Editing competition in High School „Josip Broz -Tito“[edit]

Аfter years of successful implementation of the educational program in "Josip Broz Tito" highschool, our longstanding contributor User:Инокентиј who is a teacher of physics at this highschool came up with the idea of organizing three months long editing competition for the students. Several preparations of making official placard and applying were taking during this month whereas 12 students have registered and will be informed in detail with the rules of this competition. This editing contest will last throughout the second semester and the best 3 students will be awarded with valuable prizes.