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This is a financial report of Shared Knowledge for the period extending from 15 September 2014 to 30 September 2015.

No. Category Description Unit No. of units Actual cost

per unit

Actual total Budgeted total Currency Notes
1 Office expenses registration, notary fees, official stamp of the organisation, business cards, , Central Registry fees, domain name payment, printer toner. 232.93 220.00 EUR
2 Bookkeeper annual fee for services provided by a certified bookkeeper required by the Macedonian legislature month 9 25.85 232.72 200.00 EUR
3 Equipment 796.50 864.00 EUR Amount is spent for: camera, tripod, unit 3 in 1 (printer, scanner and copy machine), still have to buy scanner and flip chart, as requested.
4 Monthly salary monthly gross salary for 2 employees (Bojan and Ivan) 9554.67 10,800.00 EUR
5 Mobile phone The mobile phone line used by the part-time employee during the working hours. 144.08 240.00 EUR April, May, June, July and August as well as payment for phone (device) and connecting fee.
6 Bank fees fees charged by the bank to maintain the account and execute transactions 156.85 300.00 EUR
7 Snacks and refreshments snacks and refreshments served during the internal meetings 12 30 360.00 360.00 EUR
8 Wiki Loves Earth 2014 3909,75 3909,56 EUR
8 Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 2,853.60 2,906.00 EUR We came under the budget. Amount cover: prizes, compensation for the jury members, printed materials, awarded ceremony, organisers (for video, advertising and web design), web hosting, food&Beverages for jury, incidental supplies as paper bags
9 Edit-a-thons 4 100 461.00 560.00 EUR including: certificates, stickers and badges as well two organized edit-a-thons
10 Promo materials from WMF Customs duties and storage dues 315,20 EUR This cost was not planned in the budget; only later we found out that the promo materials sent to us by the WMF will be subject to customs and other dues.
11 Wiki women 2015 3763,00 3763,00 EUR
12 Wiki Loves Earth 2015 2,791.15 2,906.00 EUR We came under budget. The amount covers: prizes, compensation for the jury members, printed materials and pens, award ceremony, organisers (for video, advertising and web design), web hosting, food & beverages for jury, incidental supplies such as paper bags
13 Wiki camp 9,306.78 12.721,00
14 Wikiexpeditions 4 1289.69 1419.00
15 Wikipedian in residence 1 500.00 3000.00 EUR gross payment
16 Awards for editing competitions competition 2 700 1400.00 1400.00 EUR The award for the second competition to be given soon and scanned documents will be provided.
17 Archaeoexpedition 1 198.56 198.56 EUR A single pilot project
18 Skopje Zoo 2,754.36 3,280.00 EUR Includes cost of plaques and wooden holders, organizer fees, and promo material design and printing (brochures and posters with frames).
19 Participation in conferences 4,531.00 6,130.00 CEE Meeting in Kyiv 2014

OSCAL 2015 in Tirana

Wikimedia Conference 2015 in Berlin

Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City

20 Incidentals Website hosting for WLM 2015 10,56 0
21 Incidentals Cash-out 49.70 0 Cash-out for current expenses; bank statement merely states cash-out made. Probably from CEE WikiCamp (in separate grant), according to one of its organisers. Evidence of bank statement provided.
Total 46,492.00 55,197.00 EUR