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This is a financial report of Shared Knowledge for the period extending from 1 October to 31 December 2015.

No. Item Description Unit No. of units Amount per unit Total amount Currency Notes
1 Salaries gross salaries for the 2 employees together month 3 900,00 2700.00 EUR
2 Compensation Gross payment month 3 500,00 1500,00 EUR тhree-month compensation for the Wikimedian-in-residence.
3 Bookkeeping Bookkeeping services for 3 months month 3 25 75 EUR
4 Cellphone Monthly payment for cellphone month 3 10.94 32.84 EUR
5 Transport Bus pass for administrative manager month 2 24.06 48.13
6 Bank fees month 55,00 28.00 EUR Fees deducted for transactions, as well as fixed bank fees.
7 Office expenses Central Registry fees n/a 4.16 4.16 EUR
8 Post expenses Post expenses for DHL n/a 25.69 25.69 EUR Payment for post expenses for the new grant (2016) documentation.
9 Snacks and refreshments snacks and refreshments served during Board meetings 23.82 0,00 EUR
10 European Science Photo Competition 2015 award fund+expenses n\a 1000,00 1100,00 EUR 1,000 EUR for awards and 100 EUR for other organisational expenses.
11 Editing competition award fund n\a 700 700,00 EUR
12 Wikiexpeditions month 2 320,00 640,00 EUR Two Wikiexpeditions are realized with funds from one expeditions using only money for transport and food, without accommodation, thus the funds from the second are re-allocated for bicycle parts.
13 Event award certificates to students participating in the Educational Programme-Josip Broz - Tito High School n/a 0,00 300,00 EUR the event didn't happen because it subsequently transpired that the entire school would like to attend the party in the hall, and that would have been impossible to do with 300 EUR,we would therefore like to re-allocate the funds towards another round of physics experiments.
14 Drama Theater taking photos of actors 100,00 600,00 EUR Project was completed with only 100 EUR. The remaining 500 EUR were approved to be used in further photographing of actors and musical performers from other institutions.
15 Physics experiments unit 1 350,00 350,00 EUR Compensation for recording and editing professionals.
16 Scanner scanner for Wikipedian-in-residence unit n/a 112,65 100.00 EUR Scanner for the Wikimedian-in-residence to scan documents with
17 External HDD HDD to store files unit n/a 0,00 60,00 EUR
Total 7,367.29 EUR