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This is a financial report of Shared Knowledge for the period extending from 1 January to 31 March 2018.

Report is also accessible in Google Drive form, that you can check here.

No. Item Description Unit No. of units Amount per unit Total amount Currency Notes
1 Monthly Salary Gross salary for Project and

Administration Manager

month 3 1238.91 3.716.73 EUR January, February and March
2 Cellphone January, February and March month 3 10,82 32.46 EUR January, February and March
3 Office expenses January, February and March month 3 60,00 180.00 EUR January, February and March
4 Wikipedian Birthday expenses for drinks and cake n/a n/a 150,00 150,00 EUR This year, we organized the Wikipedia birthday in the form of a Wiki meeting, in order to get to know the members of the community
5 Bookkeeper January, February and March month 3 48,79 146.37 EUR January and February
6 Board meetings Snacks and refreshments served during Board meetings month 3 30,00 90,00 EUR January, February and March
7 Central Registry Payment for annual financial statement 2017. n/a n/a 34.14 + 2.43 36.57 EUR mandatory payment for annual statement, and payment for data update in Bank.
8 Edit-a-thon snacks and refreshments  for participants n/a 1 50,00 50,00 EUR
9 Geoexpedition Expenses for, transport, food and fuel. n/a 2 209.00 418.00 EUR Geoexpedition 1 and 2.
10 Wiki Industry expenses for fuel, food, transport etc n/a 1 390.00 390.00 We visited two factories.
10 Agroexpedition EUR
11 Wikiexpedition EUR
12 Supplies papers, ink and clips n/a n/a 16.26 100.00 EUR
13 Wikibeer Visiting Krafting Beer Macedonia n/a n/a 97.56+40,65=138.21 260.00 EUR We use the chance to made pictures of Macedonian homemade beers and scheduling appointments and tasting beers. The second tour was, visiting the first craft brewery in Macedonia „Temov“.
14 Bank fees fees charged by the bank to maintain the account and execute transactions n/a n/a 40.92 240.00 EUR
15 Lectures across the cities Expenses for transport and refreshments n/a n/a 50.00 150.00 EUR The team of "Shared Knowledge", had the chance to held a lecture an presentation about Wikipedia and all affiliate projects of Wikimedia, which was also envisaged in the work program for March in the project Lectures across cities which is a part of our education programme
16 Awards for the editing competition Awards for first, second, third, fourth and fifth prize n/a n/a 455.28 500.00 EUR Awards for competition number 1.
Total 5910.00 5910.00 EUR