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Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Shared Knowledge/Financial reports/Q2 2016

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This is a financial report of Shared Knowledge for the period extending from 1 April to 30 June 2016.

No. Item Description Unit No. of units Amount per unit Total amount Currency Notes
1 Cellphone bill April, May, June month 3 10,82+11,34+10,82 32.98 EUR for now we have paid cell phone for April and May, and for June we expect pro-forma invoice.
2 Bookkeeper April, May, June month 3 48.79 164.37 EUR
3 Office expenses municipal business tax n/a n/a 113.82 0,00 EUR Municipal business tax received from

government city of Skopje, we paid with the savings from the Laptop.

4 Monthly Salary Monthly gross salary for 2

employees (Bojan and Ivan)

April, May, June

month 3 1038.13 3114,39 EUR
5 Wikimedian-in-Residence Gross payment for

April, May, June

month 3 500,00 1500,00 EUR Gross payment for Wikipedian in residence in Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts.
6 Edit-a-thon 1 48.78 50.00 EUR expenses for refreshments during the Edit-a-thon.
7 Wikiexpedition 2 330.00 660.00 EUR expenses for fuel, food,accommodation for expedition participants and incidental costs.
8 Geoexpedition expenses for fuel, food and accommodation 1 194.74 194.74 EUR
9 Photohunt food, drink, travel expenses. n/a 87.8 300.00 EUR In second quarter we had 5 participants in this project.
10 Wikimania Wikimania conference in

Esino Lario

n/a n/a 1160,00 1160,00 EUR Travel expenses,accommodation,expenses for local transportation as well as for meals, that are not

provided by the organizers.

11 Snacks and refreshments snacks and refreshments served during Board meetings 1 30,00 30,00 EUR
12 Awards for the editing competitions Awards for first, second and third prize 1 487.80 500,00 EUR Awards for competition number 1.
13 Promo-materials for Wikimania stand n/a 1 17,60 0,00 EUR 4 medium-sized posters for Shared Knowledge's stand at the Wikimania Community Village and 1 canvas printed with logo and name of the organisation
14 Bank fees fees charged by the bank

to maintain the account

and execute transactions

n/a n/a 45.61 240,00
Total 7657,89 EUR