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Activity report

July 2016

Events at the 2016 Olympics Editing day[edit]

Olympic rings statue on Copacabana Beach

On 30 July we held a Events at the 2016 Olympics Editing day (Уредувачки ден „Спортови на Летните олимписки игри 2016“) initiated by the forthcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The editing lasted 24 hours and had 6 participants, creating a total of 15 new articles about the sport events on year's this Olympic Games.

Academicians of MANU Project[edit]

Logo of WikiProject MANU Academicians

Academicians of MANU (Проект „Академици на МАНУ“) is a project that has been going on for the duration of this month and will continue in future. The Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU), where our WiR is based, has been the home of the most distinguished scientists, artists, writers and researches of Macedonia for nearly 50 years. Our WiR has unprecedented access to their biographies and words, resulting in systematic coverage of those notable personalities in an organised project on the Macedonian Wikipedia.

So far, during this month, we covered 27 academicians, out of which 17 articles were created from scratch and 10 were substantially improved. Apart from this, during the month of July, the WiR in MANU scanned two books with 196 pages in total. One of the them is the important Rivers in Macedonia, while the other one is about the Rice in Kochani, a famous and strategic agricultural crop for that region of the country. Both books are largely used for editing articles and reference scientific material for the ongoing field research projects of the Shared Knowlegde on the Macedonian Wikipedia, such as the current Wikiexpeditions, and soon to be launched Agroexpeditions.

Macedonian Dialects Project[edit]

Logo of the Macedonian Dialects Project showing two people saying the word "wolf" in two different dialects

This month we initiated the Macedonian Dialects Project (Проект „Македонски дијалекти“) in collaboration with the Božidar Vidoeeski Research Centre for Areal Lingustics, whose aim is to create more content about the rich variety of Macedonian dialects, improving existing dialect articles in the following ways:

  • obtain part of the 2000-hour recorded dialect speech held in the collection, with suitable documentation and publish them in the public domain, to be used in articles and elsewhere;
  • Use treatises on dialects and local phonology to enrich articles on Macedonian dialects;
  • Publish old dialectologically annotated texts on the Macedonian Wikisource.

Other upcoming GLAM and community projects[edit]

Logo of the Macedonian Theatre Actors subproject
Edit-a-thons logo
  • August: Edit-a-thon at the Union of Mathematicians of Macedonia. We will organise a writing day, engaging young (and old) mathematicians to fill-in the large gaps on this subject in the Macedonian Wikipedia.
  • August: Wiki Loves Performing Arts will take place at the Comedy Theatre in Skopje.
  • September: Edit-a-thon of the same nature as above, with the Macedonian chapter of the European Medical Students' Association (EMSA), covering various medical topics that address large gaps in that area in the Macedonian Wikipedia.
  • September-October: Wiki Loves Performing Arts - the Second part of this project will involve photo shoot of members of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as, possibly, recording a performance to be released under a free licence. The shooting of the members of the Macedonian National Theatre has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances in their activities such as late premieres, the death of a director and other unplanned matters. It will take place in the second half of June or during July.