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Activity report

March 2019

Editing days[edit]

In March we have organized two editing days on 24th and 31st of March dedicated on the topics about Home appliances and the theatrical genre of Commedia dell'Arte. Both editing days have been attended by two participants but three distinctive users who have contributed by creating 9 new articles out of which 4 about home appliances and 5 about commedia dell'arte, respectively.

Editing weekends[edit]

Same as the editing days, this March we have scheduled and held two editing weekends on the dates of 9th - 10th and 16th - 17th of March where the both topics were related to traffic and transportation infrastructure namely about Bridges and Tunnels. Both editing weekends were attended by 7 participants who have contributed by creating 21 new article and improving 1 existing article.

WikiLeague: Edit-a-thon on German Literature[edit]

On 30th of March, we have organized the first of the four edit-a-thons dedicated on German culture related topics. WikiLeague came up as a project in collaboration with Goethe Institute in Skopje that aims to bring content related to the German culture to Macedonian readers through their translation from Wikipedia to German on Wikipedia in Macedonian. The project consists of four six-hour editing marathons with training and instruction on editing Wikipedia and four consecutive three-weekly editing competitions on topics: German Literature, German Film, German Music and World Heritage in Germany. The event started at 10 o'clock and took place at the electronic class room of the National and university library where 12 participants have been editing for six hours until 16 o'clock. All of the attendants who have different professional profiles have been introduced to two main editing ways through the coded and visual editor and the translation tool. After the initial training all of the participants have been choosing offered topics for articles from a list consisting 100 topics divided in three main groups about: 1) German writers, novelists, poets, 2) literature works such as books, dramas, poems and 3) Literary genres, groups, events (book fairs). This first edit-a-thon went successfully with a total outcome of 36 newly created articles. The topic of German Literature remained open for editing as an editing competition for the participants in the next 20 days until the next edit-a-thon and it ended up with the total outcome of 58 newly created articles.

Geoexpedition on Volcanic Natural Lakes in northeastern Macedonia[edit]

On 31st of March, on a warm and sunny day, we have started the fourth consecutive year of the Geoexpedition project of Macedonian Wikipedia aimed to discover, visit, photograph and research of the geography and specific geographical features of Macedonia in its entire territory. The team consisted of Mario Šarevski and Darko Stojčeski, a teacher of geography, have visited two very rare natural lakes of volacnic origin in the regions of Probištip and Kumanovo in the northeastern part of Macedonia. Besides taking photographs of the two lakes the group have gathered and measured information of the lakes and the villages in the surrounding in conversation with local inhabitants as well as visited the medieval Karpino monastery.