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Activity report

May 2017

Editing Challenges[edit]

Editing Days[edit]

Football players from Atletico Madrid[edit]

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On May 10th an editing day regarding the football players from the club Atletico Madrid was held. Users wrote new articles about players whose biographies weren't available in Macedonian language. On the editing day a total of 3 users were involved, creating a total of 8 new articles.


ArchiWiki Edit-a-thon[edit]

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On Tuesday, 23 May 2017, members of Shared Knowledge held a workshop in NewMan's Business Accelerator in Skopje, where Arhipunkt is located. On the first day, participants were introduced to the basics of Wikipedia editing and free licencing. The edit-a-thon itself started on Wednesday, May 24th and lasted for about 8 hours.

ArchiWiki (Архивики) was our second edit-a-thon for this year, held in conjunction with the architectural design centre Arhipunkt (Архипункт), and architectural website MARH. This edit-a-thon is held second year in row, after very successful first edition in 2016. The purpose of this undertaking was to enrich the Macedonian Wikipedia with varied content about architecture.

After the all preparations such as providing and distribution of literature, making draft-article structure for each page, teaching of basic editing tools, the beginning of the edit-a-thon was scheduled to start on Wednesday, 24 May 2016, and lasted a full 8 hours. The edit-a-thon had 10 participants (plus additional members of Community like mentors), who created a total of 21 articles. As last year, over two thirds of the participants at the edit-a-thon were female, which was a nice surprise for all of us.

Editing Competitions[edit]

CEE Spring 2017[edit]

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May 31st marked the end of the CEE Spring 2017 editing competition. This year contest ended with 97 created articles and additionally three more improved articles from various countries.


Photohunt in municipality Vasilevo[edit]

The photohunt started at the beginning of May, and has been completed on May 17th. The photohunt was executed by user Тиверополник. Starting in the Vasilevo village, and marking the start of their first phase, user Тиверополник then visited Piperovo, Prosenikovo, Gradošorci, Angelci, Edrenikovo and Trebičino. In the second phase Gradošorci and Angelci were visited again, and Sedlarci, and the so called Monastery Complex were visited as well.

In the last two phases, user Тиверополник visited Suševo, Dukatino, Radičevo, Vladievci, Dobrošinci, Visoka Maala, and Nova Maala.

When the photohunt started user Тиверополник was surprised to find out that Gjurgjovden is an celebrated holiday in that area, and there were swarms of people there. Using the information gathered from the locals, and people that are working on maintaining the areas user Тиверополник managed to find his way around the villages which are often merged or not clearly marked. Between all the challenges, car trouble, lack of roads, user Тиверополник managed to photograph 200 photographs, create 21 new articles, and improve 13 existing articles which makes the photohunt great success.

Some of the pictures from the Photohunt

Memorandum For Collaboration[edit]

FON University in Macedonia[edit]

In order to improve the collaborations with institutions involved in education, Shared Knowledge made efforts to contact and propose collaborations with faculties and universities all across the country. FON University is the first private university in Macedonia, and stands as the highest ranked among those.

After several meetings between the employee in Shared Knowledge and the directors at the university, a memorandum for collaboration was signed. This means that Shared Knowledge now is capable of creating and executing projects and activities with said university and receive support from it.