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Activity report

May 2019


Wikitranslate project have continue in this month with the second turn of activities this time focused on creation new articles by translation from Spanish and English language. The aims to organize events with people with good knowledge and skills of other languages, professors, students etc., in order to create articles through translations. After the events on Wikitranslate from German, the Spanish was the second language covered in the project. The event was attended by a student of Spanish language who have created 3 high quality articles through translation and will participate in the project again with translation from Portuguese language.

WikiLeague: Edit-a-thon on German Music[edit]

On 11th of May, we have continued with the third edit-a-thon witing the spring editing challenge organized in collaboration with Goethe Institute in Skopje that aims to bring content related to the German culture to Macedonian readers through their translation from Wikipedia to German on Wikipedia in Macedonian. This third edit-a-thon event was dedicated on the German music and prior to the event as it is usual we have prepared a list with 100 suggestions for creation of articles about German musicians, bands, festivals and awards. Same as the previous two edit-a-thons of WikiLeague this event has also started at 10 o'clock and took place at the electronic class room of the National and university library where the participants have been editing for six hours until 16 o'clock. This edit-a-thon proved to be the most successful although with the least participants. Namely, 6 participants who have attended the event have created 56 new articles about German music, which is the highest number of created articles on such event. So far on the three edit-a-thons and the following two editing three-week long competitions have been created the total number of 200 new articles. WikiLigue will continue with the last edit-a-thon dedicated on the Cultural heritage of Germany, scheduled for the 1st of June.


WikiScout is a project on Wikipedia in Macedonian "Shared Knowledge" in cooperation with the Scout Squadron (IPO) "Galeb", which aims to help and improve existing and create new articles about scouting in Macedonian language edited by scouts and active users and editors involved in the project. At the same time, the project's goal is to introduce the scouts into the use and editing of Wikipedia and its accompanying projects such as the Wikimedia Commons for uploading and attaching images and videos and Wikidata, which, in addition to creating articles and scout-related content, the use of Wikipedia by editing content, adding pictures would help them and would continue to be used in their regular scouting activities and duties. On 16th of May the project has started with the firs training workshop at the Scout's Union of Macedonia where around 15 scouts have been introduced to the basics of Wikipedia through a presentation and then they have proceed to creating several articles through the translation tool and visual and coded editor as well as they have uploaded several images. The second part of the project will continue in mid-June where the participants will attend two-day camp with tents on an open air in Macedonia where they will gather information, pictures which will be added as content on Wikipedia.

Editing weekend[edit]

On the weekend on 18th and 19th of May we have held an editing weekend on the topic of Eurovision song contest due to the ongoing Eurosong contest taking place in Israel. The editing activity was attended by 2 users who have created 6 new and improved 1 existing article about Macedonia in the Eurovision song contest, various singers, bands and songs that have participated on the contest.