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Activity report

November 2018

Wiki Training at National and University Library "St. Clement of Ohrid"[edit]

After several preparing negotiations with our (GLAM) partner institution, the National and University Library "St. Clement of Ohrid", on 1st of November we have held the first one hour long training for editing and working on Wikipedia. The event was coordinated and announced by the program coordinator of the library, Jovica Tasevski, who have informed all the employees and post an announcement in front of the electronic reading room visible also for every other visitor and user, which had largely helped and contributed for the increased interest for attendance of the workshop. The workshop for the training lasted for one hour and 8 participants have been instructed to the translation tool on Wikipedia by which they have contributed by creating 10 new articles. After the event a meeting with the general manager, Senka Naumovska was held where several projects of joint organization have been discussed including next Wiki Training workshops specialized for the library employees in the next months and a national GLAM conference in the next year. On 20th of November the second round of the training has been conducted with 5 new users, one of whom was employed in the library as an informer and librarian, to whom we also presented the translation tool, visual and coded editor, Commons Wikimedia and Wikidata, and was really interested in organizing training for the employees which will be held in the next month. The second training outcome was 6 newly created and 1 improved article.

Wiki Loves Food 2018 photographic contest[edit]

Logo of the Wiki Loves Food 2018 competition

This November we have organized the second edition of the Wiki Loves Food photographic competition this time with a broadened and wider scope besides the traditional dishes in Macedonia were included cuisines from all around the world. According to the feedback answers of the previous Wiki Loves Food photographic contest organized last year, some changes have been made namely introducing two categories for the contestants for images with professional and amateur quality about which five awards are provided. The photographic competition which lasted from 1st until 30th of November has ended up with 687 images divided in 381 images in the category of amateur images and 306 images in the category of professional images, uploaded by 42 participants, out of which 33 different users, some of whom have applied in the both categories of the competition

Editing days: Geological periods, Egyptian pyramids & Punctuation marks[edit]

On 3rd November we have held the thirteenth editing day this year on the topics for the geological periods. The topic was chosen due to the lack of content for the geological periods on Wikipedia on the Macedonian language so far and the generic scope of the topic suitable for creating several tens of articles by the same pattern. On this editing day 3 users took participation creating 8 new articles and 1 new template by which so far the number of newly created articles rose to 223 with 8 improved articles. On 14th of November we have held the fourteenth editing day, which was the second editing day to be organized in November. This editing day on the topic of Egyptian pyramids was the editing day with the largest number of participants - 8, so far this year among them three new different user have joined through other project activities organized in the same day. The outcome of the editing day on Egyptian pyramids was 20 newly created and 1 improved articles by which the overall result rose to 243 newly created and 9 improved articles. On the last day of the month we have organized the third editing day which is the 15th editing day in this year so far which was dedicated on the topics about Punctuation marks where 4 users have participated by creating 12 new articles by which the total number of newly created articles came to 254.

Editing weekends:World War I & Nordic Mythology[edit]

Same as in the previous month, this November we have organized two editing weekends with main aim to increase the number of created and improved articles through increased number of activities from the editing challenges in the last quarter of the year during the colder weather seasons. The first editing weekend was held on the 100th anniversary of the end of the Fist World War on 10th and 11th of November on the topics of the World War I whereby 4 users participated by creating 11 new and improving 1 existing articles about battles, generals and personalities involved in the war and its consequences. On 24th and 25th of November we have had another editing weekend, second in this month on the topics from Nordic Mythology. This second editing weekend was attended by 4 users who have contributed by creating 8 new articles, improving 1 existing generic article and creating a new template by which the total number of articles created on the editing weekends this year rose up to 265 with 12 improved and 7 newly created templates so far.

Wikisketch lessons[edit]

Wikisketch lessons have continued in this month with several new participants who have been instructed thus created and edited several new articles on different topics such as Real estate, mountaineering and geography, sports, literature, mechanics and engineering while one participant who is a professional photographer has been instructed on uploading images on Commons Wikimedia and adding the images onto articles. The participants have been recruited upon their interest and request on different occasions where the project coordinators have been present hence the participants on the hiking presentations given by Mario Šarevski have also used the opportunity for a quick Wiki sketch lesson, the visit of journalists of our office have also been used for a quick lesson on their request while Ivan Živković on his regular duties with the community has also instructed new participants who have previously contacted him.

Editing training event at "Pedala" social center[edit]

On 14th of November, within the regular winter working program of the cycling social center "Pedala" in Skopje, a training event have been organized. The event was primarily intended for the participants of the two WikiCity tours organized in Kočani and Vinica in August and Delčevo, Pehčevo and Berovo in October due to the difficulties in the process of uploading images but it was also open for the broader public interested in photo sharing and uploading images on Wikipedia. In nearly three hours the participants firstly started with uploading dozens of images from each tour and then proceed to use them in the articles about the towns visited. Two of the participants with their images have created completely new articles about the museums in Berovo and Vinica and improved few other articles related to the towns, buildings, institutions and notable personalities. The participants have shown great interest in editing articles which was a reason the last part of the event to be used for a presentation of the translation tool by which participants have created two new articles about pyramids and thus have also participated in the ongoing editing day about the Egyptian pyramids held that day. Editing activities for uploading images from the WikiCity tours, images from cycling tours and creating articles through quick wikisketch lessons at "Pedala" social center will continue through out the month as Mario Šarevski holds regular presentations about mountaneering and hiking in Macedonia on every Wednesday.

Psychology edit-a-thon[edit]

Continuing the successful and fruitful cooperation with the society of students of psychology established last year, on 24th of November we have held the edit-a-thon on the topics of psychology which is the second on this theme and the fifth edit-a-thon in this year regular annual program, excluding two more jointly organized such events. On a suggestion of our associates from the faculty of philosophy the event took place at Umbrella restaurant which is the first place to employ stuff from socially endangered and disabled categories of people thus giving support of this recently opened restaurant in the main mall of Skopje which is also very spacious and suitable for such social events. The event was attended by 7 users who according to a previously prepared list of topics about articles in the field of psychology have created 19 new articles about branches of psychology and psychological phenomena such as psychological states, emotions, terms hence this result was better surpasing the outcome of the last year's psychology edit-a-thon. Most of the articles have been created through the visual editor which proved to be very useful and easy for the participants who have shown a great interest in editing and created high quality articles with sufficient content of text with references and hyperlinks. According to the great interest shown and expressed by the participants the cooperation will continue in the near future with organization of another edit-a-thon event with a longer time duration.