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Activity report

November 2019

WikiCity Club in Veles[edit]

On 20th of November the third event within the project WikiCity Club had been organized in the city library of "Goce Delcev" in the city of Veles. WikiCity Club is a new second consecutive joint project with Goethe-Institut this year which is aiming at creating and increasing content and articles for German culture into Macedonian through Wikipedia by translating content from Wikipedia into German, that goal is to bring closer the German culture and German-related topics to Macedonian readers. Entire event lasted for nearly 3 hours beginning right at 12 o'clock and ending around 15 o'clock consisting of simultaneous workshop for instruction about editing on Wikipedia both through the translation tool and source coded editor which was followed by edit-a-thon on which the participants were creating articles by choosing topics from lists about German literature, German music, German film and Cultural heritage of Germany. The event was attended by 7 people who have created 19 new articles on German related topics, which is the highest number of created articles on this kind of events so far. All of the articles have been created by translating from German Wikipedia as well as creating some of them through coded editing. Also one of the participants has contributed by uploading several pictures from the event on the Commons Wikimedia. Additionally, considering the fact that the venue where event took place was the reading room with international corners including one with German literature which books were also used as a source of additional information for the content of the articles.

Educational program: Editing class in Krume Kepeski Primary School[edit]

On 26th of November, we have started with the lessons and editing activities for the third consecutive year in Krume Kepeski primary school. After the two school years of successful implementation of activities with pupils from 8th and 9th grade this year the program activities envisaged for implementation in the elementary school "Krume Kepeski" during the school year 2019/2020 are supported as an official part of the Program for financing the program activities of the associations and foundations for the year 2019 by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for which funds have been approved for the project "Education through Wikipedia" by the Government Decision, Priority 5: Education Reforms and Investment in Innovation and Information Technology of 08.10.2019, (Project: Education through Wikipedia, 29-28 / 1). This first class is going to be followed by monthly activities including visiting of museum and field trip which will be used for taking photographs that will be used by the students in their further work on Wikipedia within the classes of the subject "Study of the homeland". The class was opened by the teacher and Wikipedia contributor Slobodan Trajkovski and after the short introduction the students have begun to create and edit articles about archaeological sites in the vicinity of the villages in Skopje region. In a period of hour and a half actually slightly more than 90 minutes due to the limited internet access and small number of computers 14 students have created 14 new articles and got comprehensively introduced to the basics of the editing on Wikipedia. Regarding that the number of interested students who have applied to attend the classes is higher they will be introduced with a lesson and editing practices on the next class and will equally participate in the following monthly activities further in the school year.

Editing weekends[edit]

On 2/3rd, 9/10th, 16/17th, 23/24th ( all in November), and 30th Nov/1st of December we have held five editing weekends, or a total of 17 during this year.Тhe topic was related to World Heritage Sites, Mexican cuisine, Puzzles, Swords and Japan. On this editing weekends 6 users took participation creating 49 new articles.