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Activity report

October 2017

Exhibition "Brazil through photographs"[edit]

On 13th of October 2017, on the occasion of marking the establishment of diplomatic relations between Macedonia and Brazil, as a result of the cooperation between "Shared Knowledge" - Wikimedia Macedonia and "Wiki Education" from Brazil, was opened the exhibition of photographs titled "Brazil through photographs - in front of the eyes of the Macedonian public ". Over 40 visitors were briefly introduced about the Wikipedia its significance and meaning, the collaboration between Wikimedia Macedonia and Wikimedia Brazil and there was a presentation of a geopolitical analysis of the development of relations and cooperation between Macedonia and Brazil, after which the audience had the opportunity to see 20 images of nature and buildings in Brazil, which have been chosen as the best qualified pictures on the contest "Wiki Loves Earth" and "Wiki Loves Monument" held in Brazil. All of the images have been printed with QR-codes of links of the articles on Macedonian Wikipedia, which have previously created on the editing weekend dedicated to Brazilian topics. The next day, on 14th of October 2017, in the morning, an edit-a-thon was held on the topic: Brazil. Exhibition of the images lasted for 2 weeks.

Geoexpedition 4: Speleology in caves near Prilep[edit]

Members of the Geoexpedition in front of the Duova Cave

rth and the last round of Geoexpeditions have started, with the visit of two caves, the highest mountain peak and villages on Babuna Mountain near Prilep. Accompanied by two young members of the Speleological Club "Zlatovrv" from Prilep, Mario Sharevski visited the caves Ramishte and Duova, having a chance to correctly map them and take several dozens of photographs. Also the team climbed the Kozjak peak, which is the highest on Babuna mountain and highest in the region. The fourth round of the Geoexpedition will proceed in the next months until the end of the year, with research of the relief and visiting mountains within the Mountaineering challenge "12 peaks".