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Activity report

October 2019

Editing competition[edit]

This September and October we have organized a editing competition related in automobiles. The goal was to help in improving and creating articles on various topics about the car brends and models in the Macedonian Wikipedia. This edition we had planned three awards for the top three placed in the competition plus three bonus awards (one bonus award was not awarded). The editing competition which lasted from 20th September until 19th of October has ended up with 57 covered articles, of which 54 new articles and 3 new templates, edited by 3 participants.


This month WikiTranslate project continued with creating new articles from two new languages which haven't been included in the activities of this project so far. One participant have created 4 new articles by translation from French and Spanish language. The articles are from different topics such as geography and tourist places in the countries, famous personalities such as sportsmen etc.

WikiGap edit-a-thon[edit]

After the first successfully organized WikiGap edit-a-thon in June 2018, on 16th of October was held the second WikiGap Skopje edit-a-thon on the initiative of the Embassy of Sweden in Skopje in cooperation with UN Woman and Shared Knowledge as a Wikimedia chapter in Macedonia and auspices with an opening video-speech from the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mrs. Mila Carovska. Same as in the previous year the main topic was the biographies of influential and notable woman from Macedonia and worldwide who have worked and influenced the development and promotion of democracy and human rights with abundant materials of prepared text of biographical content for female personalities from Macedonia who had impact in the social, cultural and public life. The main focus was creating bibliographical articles about woman which are not visible on the internet space but nevertheless other articles on female and gender topics were also tackled and covered within the scope of this edit-a-thon. WikiGap edit-a-thon as a part of the a global Swedish initiative with the idea of bridging closer the differences and gender inequalities that persist in the online world this time was held at the computer laboratory of the Technological and Metallurgical Faculty in Skopje where 20 participants who in a period of 4 hours (1 hour opening and instructional presentation and 3 hours of editing articles) have created 55 new articles and improved 2 articles on Wikipedia on Macedonian as well as they have contributed with uploading several images to Wikimedia Commons which was added to the articles and improving exiting articles on women topics.

WikiCity Club in Bitola[edit]

On 24th of October the second event within the project WikiCity Club had been organized in the university library of "St. Clement of Ohrid" in the city of Bitola. WikiCity Club is a new second consecutive joint project with Goethe-Institut this year which is aiming at creating and increasing content and articles for German culture into Macedonian through Wikipedia by translating content from Wikipedia into German, that goal is to bring closer the German culture and German-related topics to Macedonian readers. Entire event lasted for 3 hours beginning shortly before 13 o'clock and ending at 16 o'clock consisting of workshop for instruction about editing on Wikipedia both through the translation tool and source coded editor which was followed by edit-a-thon on which the participants were creating articles by choosing topics from lists about German literature, German music, German film and Cultural heritage of Germany. The event was attended by 7 people but due to the lack of computers and poor internet access and connection only 4 participants have created 26 new articles on German related topics, which is the highest number of created articles on this kind of events so far. All of the articles have been created by translating from German Wikipedia as well as creating some of them through coded editing. Also one of the participants has contributed by uploading several pictures from the event on the Commons Wikimedia.

Editing weekends: Pistols, Archaeological sites in Vinica & Cycle manufacturers[edit]

On 19/20th and 26/27th of October we have held the eleventh and twelfth editing weekends this year on the topic for Pistols and Cycle manufacturers ".Тhe topic was related to gun manufacturers, bicycles, bike parts, and was chosen because of the lack of up-to-date content and generic scope of the theme suitable for creating several dozen articles under the same scheme . On this editing weekends 6 users took participation creating 17 new articles. On 23rd of October we have organized the first editing day on archaeological topic about the Archaeological sites in Vinica region. This editing day was attended by 2 participants who have contributed by creating 7 new articles.