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Activity report

September 2016

Expedition to Prespa region[edit]

Map of settlements in Resen Municipality covered by the expedition

During the weekend of 23rd to 25th of September, Shared Knowledge held a wikiexpedition in the region of Prespa consisting of Ehrlich91, Kiril Simeonovski and Македонец, covering a total of 29 settlements

Members of Wikiexpeditions headed towards Prespa area, where they conducted the fourth expedition. The expedition started on September 23, when the members went from Skopje in the late afternoon, heading Oteševo in Prespa region which is the furthest area from Skopje, where they have stayed for two nights. In the evening, the members established a plan for the next day, whereas they have determined which villages should be visited.

Our vehicle during the expedition by the Prespa Lake near Stenje

The main aim of the two active days of photographing Prespa villages was to cover all the villages on the coast of Great Prespa Lake on the Macedonian side, which are now located in a single municipality, the municipality of Resen. On September 24, members began with a visit to the first village Stenje, after which they visited a number of villages on the western shore of the lake, before they headed to the furthest villages on the eastern shore of the lake, visiting ancient villages of Brajcino and Ljubojno. They have also visited many churches and monasteries, landscapes such as lake views, apple trees in the orchards that were in abundance due to the period before harvest, the old architecture preserved in villages on the eastern foothills of Pelister and the east coast, and numerous panoramic photographs of the countryside. Also, it was photographed and the southernmost point of Macedonia - Markova Noga near the village of Dolno Dupeni. In the evening, the expedition members were present at the event "Apple Harvest", which was held in the town of Resen.

The next day, members of the expedition had a smaller circle around the lake, visiting villages on both coasts, and were also visited numerous churches and monasteries, including the famous Slivnica monastery from the 16th century, where they were made and panoramic photos of the lake. The day was completed with a visit to the big Prespa Cross in Podmočani located near the village, from where for members concluded their successful expedition of this region. During the two days, members often used the book "The settlements in Prespa", provided by the Wikimedian-in-Residence from the Library of MANU, which will be used for writing articles from this region.

With 29 villages of Resen Municipality photographed, this expedition has been aligned with the most fruitful expedition, which was valid until then only for the expedition in Zeleznik.


Until now total of 140 images were uploaded. This so far resulted in 14 new and 10 improved articles, all about the places visited and photographed.


Ivan Živkovik, project coordinator on a grape harvest

Implementation of the project WikiWine have been completed throughout the entire month of September. During the third weekend of the month members Иван Ж, Kiril Simeonovski and Bjankuloski06 have conducted a wine tour in the biggest and oldest winery and wine cellar in Macedonia and the wider region "Tikveš" in Kavadarci. During the working day of the next week Иван Ж and Македонец have visited "Kartal" winery in Skopje which is also a great grape and wine producing region of the country. Finally, the project have been completed with visit of grape harvest and processing (grinding) of grapes for wine preparation in the village of Raštak, by Иван Ж.


Logo od the MakStatBaza project

MakStatBaza (МакСтатБаза) is e project, whose leader is the Community head, Toni Ristovski, and aims to use the various data available from the databases of the State Statistical Office of Macedonia and enriching articles about settlements in the country by means of the available tools such as tables, charts and other means of data visualisation, presented in a standardised and uniform manner. We intend to develop the project further in order to cover data in areas other than population.

So far, 31 articles have been enriched with 8 different tables/graphs per article, focusing mostly on the demographics of settlements in Macedonia.

Macedonian Wikinews with Makfax[edit]

Macedonian Wikinews logo

The Macedonian wiki community has had the idea of starting Wikinews in Macedonian for quite some time, but was held back due to lack of a willing news source. Now we have found very strong support in Makfax (Макфакс) news agency, who is more than willing to provide us with content and is very excited about the concept of their news being linked to Wikipedia articles. The chief editors and staff are excited about this opportunity and think that this will bring a new, more learned way of reading and understanding news.

We have submitted a request for creation of Macedonian Wikinews and are in the phase of working on the test pages in the Wikimedia Incubator.