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Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimédia Magyarország/March 2011

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Wikimedia Hungary Report
Vol 4 Issue 3
March 2011
Prepared by: Bence Damokos

This is an update on Wikimédia Magyarország's activities covering March 2011.


  • 2: Board members participated in an online IRC meeting with their colleagues from Poland and the Czech Republic, facilitated by Moushira.
  • 25-28: Gábor and Bence, our board members participated in the annual chapters meeting in Berlin. The meeting was organized by Wikimedia Deutschland, Bence participated in the organization by putting together the programme and inviting the attendees.
    As part of the conference, Gábor presented on Wikimedia Hungary's activities in the preceding year. The state of the chapter presentation is available at: https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dcd7gw76_35gdmrfzgs .


We arranged for hosting for our new server.


One of our members has been working on a project called Sztakipedia that would enhance the editing experience on Wikipedia by providing category, internal link and reference suggestions.

As part of this work, a user survey was conducted in March. A demo and further information on the project is available at: http://pedia.sztaki.hu (in English and Hungarian), results of the survey (in Hungarian) at: http://pedia.sztaki.hu/survey_result_hu.html.


  • 7: We held a small meeting to discuss the marketing needs and possibilities of the Wikimedia projects and Wikimedia Hungary's possible role in that.
  • Our president met with a local stock photo agency to discuss their policy with regard to public domain images that are present both in their database as well as Wikimedia Commons.


Wikimedia Hungary participated in the 2009/10 Fundraising, and as part of the agreement agreed to transfer half of the revenue collected to the Wikimedia Foundation.

In the Fundraiser Wikimedia Hungary collected 5.7 million forints, and transfered $11 210.66 to the Wikimedia Foundation. Following the end of the fundraiser, our donation revenue for March was 8521 forints.

Small grants programme

Wikimedia Hungary has approved a small grant to purchase an orthographic dictionary and detailed Hungarian grammar to help one bot programmer in his work on the Hungarian Wikipedia.

A report on the effect of the grant (in Hungarian) is available in our blog: http://huwiki.blogspot.com/2011/07/koltsegteritesi-palyazat-wikipedia.html