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On 18 September, the Australian Paralympic Committee had a Wiki Workshop in Perth. A partial summary of the events can be found on the project's blog. There were three Paralympians who attended, including Elizabeth Edmondon who donated several images to the the project under a creative commons license after the event. This was fantastic from a historical point of view as there are very few Paralympic related images on Commons and used on Wikipedia related to the Paralympics in the 1960s and 1970s. The article on Edmondson on was expanded after the event, and it became a DYK that was featured on the main page on 1 October. In preparation for the event, a guide on editing sport biographies was created and shared on Bookshelf. One of the most unique things to possibly come out of this was the presence of braille language editions of Editing Wikis and Creating an Account. Graham Pearce (Graham Pearce) and Kerrie Engel (Diddy66) were interviewed by 5RPH, an Australian radio station, where they discussed the efforts of the Australian Paralympic Committee to collaboratively write the history of movement on Wikipedia and other WMF projects. There was also a demonstration on who users who are visually impaired edit Wikipedia. One interview can be heard here. In the coming month, the Australian Paralympic Committee plans to make another image donation and a workshop in Brisbane.