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Wikimedia Eesti report 2011

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In first half of a year we had only 3 board meetings. They were held on „February 5th in Tallinn (3 board members + auditor), on April 9th via Skype and on June 4th in Tallinn (with 9 chapter members present, incl. 3 board members; blog post).

We had a Wiki Loves Monuments team meeting in Tallinn (Mar 13; 5 people) and 4 team meetings via Skype (Feb 27, Mar 6, 20 and 28; 4–7 people participating).

On 1th of April we started regular biweekly wiki-meetings in Tartu Public Library with a hope to get some more people involved with editing Wikipedia. Following meetings were held on April 15, April 29, May 13, and May 27. Sadly participation was very low. We continued in November and tried to advertise it a bit more but as the participation numbers stayed very low then we closed this project down.

On July 8–9 we had Wikipedia Summer Days and Wikimedia Eesti general meeting in Viinistu village with 18 participants. There we also changed one board member (as the previous person was non-active then this replacement worked well to the overall activity of the chapter). Blog posts about the meeting (in Estonian) and images: [1], [2]

July 17 we had a meeting in Tallinn concerning improving and organizing help pages in Estonian Wikipedia (4 participants) and on July 18 and August 1 we had meetings concerning the strategy of the chapter and Estonian Wikipedia (4 and 5 participants respectively). We did produced some texts and had some ideas but actually the effect of thous meetings stayed low as we had different opinions and never really decided on what and when we shall do.

On August 9 we had a board meeting via Gmail. We started having weekly board meetings in Tartu (Tartu University Library) in the end of September (Sept 27, Oct 4, Oct 11, Oct 18, Oct 25, Nov 1, etc. – 14 in total) and that helped us to get the board members even more active with various projects. As all the 3 board members were studying in Tartu University then this made it easy to meet so often and this also resulted that the chapters center of activity shifted greatly to Tartu. We also started preparing several projects that were going to be started on 2012.

In autumn we also started participating on a quiz games by University of Tartu Quiz Club that were held once after each 2 weeks in Tartu. In 2011/12 season there were 13 games and we participated in all of them (even thou in 2011 we had a really small team compared to others). In February we organized one game by ourselves (IX game). As our team won 4 games then that made us the most successful team in this season.

November 3 we had a Wikipedia birthday event in Tartu Public Library. There were 2 public lectures (by Margus Niitsoo and Karl Kruusamäe) and some free coffee. Lot of participants. (media)

On Nov 12th we had Wiki Loves Monuments award ceremony and on Nov 19th a Science Photo competition award ceremony. On Nov 22 there was a colloquium about Wikipedia in Tartu University Centre of Ethics. There were also some small meetings (previous ones listed under "Cooperation"). For example with Armenian Vardan Movsisyan or with different people in University of Tartu. We ended our year in Dec 26 with a Christmas party in Tallinn at a restaurant.


By the end of 2010 we had 17 members. During 2011 this number increased to 25.


In the spring we also had 2 other article competitions that were not that closely related to WMEE: Põhjamaade-teemaliste artiklite võistlus (Mar 23 – Apr 30) and Tõlketalgud (May 1 – June 10).

Wikipedia in university[edit]

On the autumn semester of 2011 we really kick-started with our university project: we had 8 courses in Tartu University where students were asked to write a Wikipedia articles and that resulted with about 450–500 new articles. We also had lecture course "Wikipedia" (2 ECTS) in Tartu University under the Institute of Journalism and Communication.


  • March 10. Meeting at Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia concerning article-writing contest about cooperation of Nordic countries.
  • March 10. Meeting with official of National Heritage Board about cooperation on Wiki Loves Monuments.
  • March 21. Meeting with the metropolitan of Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church about cooperation on Wiki Loves Monuments.
  • April 20. Wikimedia Estonia and National Heritage Board signed a cooperation agreement (mostly concerning cooperation on Wiki Loves Monuments contest in Estonia).
  • June 8. Ivo Kruusamägi had a meeting with Estonian Institute about possible cooperation between the Institute and Wikimedia Estonia.
  • September 6. Signed cooperation agreement with the Estonian Institute.
  • September. Started cooperation with the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Tartu.
  • September. Meeting with Estonian Art Academy’s graphic design department.
  • September. Meeting with the executive of Estonian Newspaper Association.
  • September. Got a donation of 101 pictures depicting all members of current, 12th Riigikogu from the Estonian Parliament’s Cancellery (photographer Albert Truuväärt). (blog post)
  • October. Meeting with Aleksei Kelli who is going to lead the changing of the Estonian copyright laws.


  • March 24–27. Teele Vaalma and Raul Veede participated in Wikimedia Chapters Conference 2011 in Berlin.
  • March 23 started the article-writing contest in Estonian Wikipedia about cooperation of Nordic countries which will end on April 30. [3]
  • April 10. Started our chapter blog. (in Estonian)
  • May 3–7. European Year of Volunteering Tour in Tallinn. Wikipedian Andres Luure gave a talk on May 3 and chapter members were representing Estonian Wikipedia and our chapter on May 5–6. (blog post: [4])
  • May 7. „Let’s do it“-day in Estonia. Chapter members took part in several events in different locations in Estonia and promoted especially the Wiki Loves Monuments contest. (see the previous link)
  • May 11–12. Teele Vaalma gave two talks on Wikipedia to students of Tartu Vocational Education Center.
  • May 13–15. Raul Kern and Robert Reisman were Estonian representatives at the Hackathon and Wiki Loves Monuments meeting in Berlin.
  • May 20. Award ceremony in Tallinn for the winners of Wikipedia article contest about Nordic countries cooperation that was held March 23 – April 30. (blog post)
  • May 1 – June 10. Translation contest in Estonian Wikipedia. A list was compiled, that contained most important articles (from 1000 articles that every Wikipedia should have), which are good or featured in some other language version. Contestants chosed from that list articles they wanted to translate. On June 17 winners were announced. (blog post)
  • August 13. Wiki Loves Monuments workshop in Pilistvere village. 4 participants. (blog post)
  • August 24. 9th birthday of Estonian Wikipedia. (blog post)
  • September. Domain name was abused by its owner and used to organize prostitution. WMF filed a complaint and Wikipedia trademark will be registered in Estonia.


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