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Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia España/2012-10-12

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Activity report

October/November/December 2012

This is the chapter report of Wikimedia España for the months of October, November and December 2012.


  • 18.10.2012: Workshop in the Festival de Cine Africano de Córdoba (FCAT) in collaboration with Lettera 27 [1]
  • 18.10.2012: Workshop in Libre Software World Conference of Santiago de Compostela [2]
  • 19.10.2012: Meeting with Museo Etnográfico de Castilla y León, Zamora
  • Academic year 2011-12: Colaboration with Translation and Comunication Department of University Jaume I of Castellón during academic year 2011-12. Translation of several articles about cinema from English to Spanish in the course TI0920 - Traducció B (Anglès)-A1 (Espanyol) (II) of Grau en Traducció i Interpretació [3]
  • Article "Wikipedia en el proceso educativo", by Felipe Ortega, member of the Board. Published in the bulletin No. 72 of Observatorio Scopeo, University of Salamanca Available on-line
Photo coverage of Seminci
  • Photo coverage of Seminci 2012, Valladolid [4]
  • Meeting with Science Museum of Valladolid



Photo coverage of Goya Awards ceremony presentation
  • 20.12.2012: Dvdgmz. Talk about open licenses in the Introduction course about Best professional practices on Visual Arts for Art&Design schools teachers, organized by Llotja and AAVC
  • Photo coverage of Goya Awards ceremony presentation [5]

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