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Wikimédia France Report
January 2012

Association's actions for the past weeks

Public Domain Day 2012

Wikimédia France organized the "Public Domain Day" with Creative Commons in order to enhance the works which fall under the public domain on January 1 and the resulting notion of common property.

A small website was created to present and enhance the public domain, encouraging the public to remix, reuse and share these works. On January 26 in Paris a party about public domain was thrown with notably a lecture by Rémi Mathis, Wikimédia France president.

A blogpost about the event (fr)

Interventions in media

Daily newspaper Le Monde evoked "Wikipedia, the libertarian bazaar" in its supplement "Culture and Ideas" with a presentation by Rémi Mathis.

Rémi Mathis was interviewed on the website at the end of the fundraising. The nonstop news channel LCI, in its show "LCI est à vous", realised a report about Wikipedia users and donors with a presentation by Adrienne Alix.

In the context of the blackout linked to SOPA project, Christophe Henner (schiste) was interviewed by the daily newspaper Ouest-France and the weekly Le Nouvel Observateur.

On January 20, Rémi Mathis was interviewed (video) within the framework of the blog Café Digital on daily newspapers Les Échos website.

News from the "cabals" (local groups)

Toulouse cabal

On January 21 afternoon, the Toulouse cabal organised a workshop in Toulouse multimedia library. The aim was both to train people to contribute to Wikipedia and to train librairians to run these workshops. Next workshop will actually take place in late March without any Wikimedians, just with librarians and the visitors.

Workshops actions


On January 30-31 in Marseille, two members presented Wikipedia and organized a practical workshop for high school students and college students.


The fundraising ended on January 3 with Rémi Mathis' thanks. The thank you baneer stayed until January 9 to thanks the week-ends donors — as a great ratio of donors make their donations during the week-end. From November 4, 2011 to January 15, 2012, the association collected 1,044,218 € from 37,988 donors (figures to be confirmed by the auditor). A report about the fundraising is currently being prepared.


Alain Prost, Daniel Elena et Sébastien Loeb during the phototcall before the festival automobile international 2012 prizegiving.
− Thesupermat, CC-BY-SA

The Canon 70-200, which was financed by the micro-funding commission and ordered and received in January, is already being used by a member, who intends to cover various events in late January and early February. For instance he covered the International Automobile Festival, which took place from January 25 to 29 on Vauban square, at the foot of the Invalides dome in Paris. The photographer, which was accredited for this event, took lots of pictures during the prizegiving party as well as during the press conference and the following days. On January 31 he also covered the presentation of collection vehicles that were to be auctioned off by Bonhams on February 2 in the halle Freyssinet in Paris, 13th arrondissement.

Research and university

On January 24 in Pierre et Marie Curie university two members presented Wikimedia France and its projects during a meeting of the ARCES, higher education communication heads association.

On January 27 at Paris URFIST, three members leaded a training named "Wikipedia, a free collaborative encyclopedia" for information professionals from various higher education institutions.



  • Contributors to the 42th monthly newsletter in French (from which this report is derived) : Bapti, CarolAnnO, (:Julien:), Jean-Frédéric and Thesupermat with Léna, PierreSelim and Wikinade.
  • Contributors to this newsletter: Matou91 and Bapti with Ofol and Serein