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Wikimédia France Report
February 2012

Association actions for the last few weeks

Media exposure

After the report on the TV show "LCI est à vous" (LCI is yours, LCI being the main French 24 hour news channel), Rémi Mathis and Benjamin (Benjism89) spoke in the LCI show "Le Buzz" in late January. The video (in French) is available on LCI website..

Lectures, stands and sessions

From January 28 to 29, the association was attending the second meetings in Lion-sur-Mer, Normandy. During these two days the public had the opportunity to discover the various Wikimedia Foundation projects and the association's action.


A Wikipedia presentation workshop was held during the "Premier Samedi du Libre" (First Free Software Saturday) in Paris in the dedicated room. A dozen people was informed about Wikipedia's functioning and could debate various ideas. It is good to know that the association attends most of "Premier Samedi du Libre" sessions, which take place on floor –1 of the "Cité des sciences et de l'industrie" (sciences and industry City) in the "Digital class" space.


On Saturday, February 18, a "wikipermanence" (a session during which Wikimedians answer the public's question) was held alongside the monthly Lug (Linux User Group)NUI from Rouen meeting in the Saint-Sever mall.


On February 29, in la Cantine (a coworking and exhibition digital space) in Paris, Wikimédia France took part in a round table discussion on the opening of public and cultural datas initiated in this French presidential election time. Other speakers were Regards citoyens, Open Street Map, and several political figures.

read (in French) the post on Wikimedia France blog .

Finance Meeting

From February 17 to 19, Wikimédia France organised the Finance Meeting 2012 in Paris. This meeting allowed the chapters to discuss governance and money splitting in the Wikimedia organisations at a global scale. Reports written by the four Wikimedia France participants are availableon on the members wiki.

News from the « cabales » (regional groups and meetings)

La Non-cabale de l’Ouest (NCO)- The not Cabale of the West

On February 29 the NCO published its activity report of 2011, a year full of events: Wikipedia 10-year-anniversary, workshops and "wikipermanences", lectures, outings, etc.

La cabale toulousaine - the cabale from Toulouse

Trévoux dictionnary, 1743 edition. Check of the greek spelling of the word "Aloe" for Wikisource, one can read ἅλς.
− Pierre-Selim, CC-BY.

The Toulouse cabal's actions with the local museum will be in line with the theme chosen this year by the latter: water. The program includes:

  • Wikipedia editing workshop on "water"
  • Photo shoot on "water":
    • Phœbus: fish pictures taken on February 14 (to come on Wikimedia Commons)
    • Exhibit about water at the museum: pictures taken during the Flickr/Twitter/Instagram party organized by the museum on February 23 (to come on Wikimedia Commons)

On March 2, at the research center of Mirail university, Léna and Pierre-Selim held a one-hour lecture about Wikimedia projects, copyleft, collaborative working principles, the interest of digitizing knowledge and the notion of emerging knowledge.

Working groups actions


February 14, Carol Ann, WMfr head of Education, met the library staff of the Jean Rostand high school in Mantes-la-Jolie (NW large suburbs of Paris) to organize training programs for schools librarians. The first session is scheduled for May.

Francophonie - French speaking countries

Two common proposals from Wikimedia France and Wikimedia Canada were selected by the "Forum mondial de la langue française" (French language Global Forum) to be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada from 2 to July 6. Both chapters will lead workshops and make a conference on the role of the French language in the Wikimedia projects.


A WMFr member worked on a response to a call for contribution to a collective book on "Visitors photographers: a tool for thinking the museum" but this contribution has not been retained.


A joint letter was send to the French Ministry of Culture by Wikimédia France, OrsayCommons, FFSAM (French Federation of Friends of Museums) and Louvre pour tous (Louvre for all) to defend the freedom to shoot photos in the French museums.


Following a request from the Open Knowledge Foundation (after a common organization of "The Public Domain day"), Wikimédia France will organize with the OKF at the end of April an "OpenGLAM day" mainly focuses on legal issues.


Julien Fayolle, our 2011 Fundraising Project manager, completed its five months mission in mid-February.

Issue of tax receipt for donors of the fundraising has continued. Louisa Benmansour was hired for late 2011-early 2012 period to support Elizabeth Coye in her secretarial work.



  • Contributors to the 43th monthly newsletter in French (from which this report is derived): Bapti, CarolAnnO, Crochet.david, Jean-Frédéric, PierreSelim, Serein and TCY with Ash Crow, Moyg, Pymouss, Thesupermat, Wikinade and Zetud.
  • Contributors to this newsletter: Matou91 and Bapti with TCY.