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Wikimédia France Report
May 2012

General Assembly of 2012

The General Assembly of Wikimédia France was held on May 26 in Paris. Caroline Becker, Jean-Frédéric Berthelot, Guillaume Goursat and Benjamin Smith were elected to the Board of Trustees, Christophe Henner and Rémi Mathis were reelected. So the Boards consists of nine members, including Florence Devouard, Pierre-Yves Mevel and Willie Robert whose terms of office will only end next year.

Guillaume Goursat became paymaster and Benjamin Smith deputy paymaster. Rémi Mathis remains president, Florence Devouard vice president and Willie Robert secretary (so he is no more cumulating this function with deputy paymaster). Sébastien Beyou, former paymaster, did not run for Board elections again.

The accounts of 2011, audited by auditor Thibaut de Lembeye, have been approved; so have been all modifications of statuses, rules of procedures and submitted resolutions.

Association's current projects

From June 11 to August 10, Charlotte, a member of Wikimédia France and a third-year student in ISIT (a business school specialized in multiculturalism and translation), will be in internship at Wikimédia France. She will mainly carry out translations from French into English and from English into French.

Association's actions for the past few weeks

On April 30 during its news program, the main French public television channel France 2 presented Wikipedia with an interview of Adrienne (Serein).


On May 22, a member organized a workshop on "Wikipedia, considering the sources, criticizing the sources" during the professional development day 2012, dedicated to digital technology, of the Haute École Léonard de Vinci, Brussels (Belgium).

Working groups actions


On May 11 and 15, a member and a employee run a training "Wikipedia in class" towards school librarians around Mantes-la-Jolie (large suburbs of Paris) and Brest (Brittanny).


Meeting at the French Ministry of Culture

On May 4th, Rémi Mathis and Adrienne Alix attended a meeting at the French Ministry of Culture, organized by the Chief of Public Policies in the General Direction of Heritage. The meeting was the result of our common letter with other associations involved in the defense of photographs in museums. We campaign for free photography in museums when the collections are in the public domain. The meeting gathered 25 people from different departments of the ministry. We will work together to write a “charter” for visitors and museums to clarify the rights of each and promote free photographs and sharing.

See the blogpost : Photographs in museums : to get a solution ? (fr).
Drawers of the Mundaneum

Future project with the Mundaneum, ancestry of Internet?

On May 21th, Adrienne met several people from the Mundaneum, a museum in Mons (Belgium). This institution collects archives and collections of Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine, two lawyers who have invented the Universal Decimal Classification at the end of the 19th century. They wanted to create a new way of classification and knowledge sharing, with a lot of similarities with Wikipedia and Google. They are often called “grand fathers of internet”.

As part of a collaboration between Wikimédia France and the Mundaneum, we discuss to enrich their exhibitions with QR Pedia, to liberate content from the Mundaneum and to do other projects to value the links between Mundaneum and the Wikimedia projects.

Open Glam (part 2)

We had the second workshop “OpenGlam” organized with the Open Knowledge Foundation on May 29th. We continue to work about Public Domain and cultural content. We were about 12 people to work with the notes of the first workshop (April 27th), to give some recommandations to the new cabinet of the ministry, and to the policy and administrative makers. The final document will sum up, in 4 or 5 pages, the main problems and solutions about release of cultural content. It will be published in mid-June.

Manuscripts of the Archives of Alpes-Maritimes

The small group working on Wikisource on manuscripts from the 18th century will soon be in holidays. They made a good job with the wikisourcians, and within a few month almost 150 manuscripts pages have been corrected. They will sum up the experience in November. In the French archivists community, this project was well-received. Several blogs and websites discussed the project.

See on Wikisource (fr).

Wikipedia takes the Cadre Noir

"Cabriole à la main" (Dressage)

On May 19th, a group of wikipedians went to Saumur, to visit the Cadre Noir, the national school of Equistrianism. This is a very old military institution (sixteenth century) which aims to train high-profile riders. The rules of dressage of the Cadre Noir are listed on the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Wikipedians have first visited the Cadre Noir with squires and took hundreds of photographs. They also worked on the articles about Cadre Noir with staff of the institution.

The Cadre Noir also uploaded some very high quality photographs on Wikimedia Commons. This meeting will continue with other actions.

See the category on Wikimedia Commons.

Research and university

In mid-May the workshop "Put your knowledge to good use with Wikipedia" towards doctoral students in partnership with the university of Nanterre (Paris X) ended.


On May 21, a member and an employee run a training session towards librarians of the Pierre-et-Marie-Curie university.


On May 22, an employee run a training session towards doctoral students and research professors in the digital university Paris Île-de-France.

Last news from Wikimedia projects

In April Wikipedia got past 20 million unique vistors per month according to Mediametrie, a French audience measurement company.

Wikimedia websites received 20,310,000 unique visitors per month. Wikipedia is consulted by 20,081,000 unique visitors per month, that is to say 2,439,000 per day. In France, Wikipedia is the 7th most visited website and the first non-commercial website.

A few figures

On May 9, Wikimedia member has 299 members with a valid current subscription; among them 88% are men, 12% women and there are three associations.

Among the 84 members who indicate their birthday, the youngest is 20 years old, the oldest 81, with an average age age of 40 and a median age of 37. 33,33 % are younger than 30, 25 % are from 30 to 39, 16,67 % from 40 to 49 ans and 25% are older than 50 years old.



  • Contributors to the 46th monthly newsletter in French (from which this report is derived): Bapti, CarolAnnO et Serein with the participation of Crochet.david, Moyg et Zetud.
  • Contributors to this newsletter: Matou91, Serein (GLAM) and Bapti