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Wikimédia France Report
November 2012

Association’s actions for the past few weeks

Signing of the Semanticpedia agreement by (left to right) Michel Cosnard, Xavier North (standinf), Aurélie Filippetti and Rémi Mathis
— Thesupermat CC-BY-SA-3.0.
Semanticpédia logo
— Wikimédia France CC-BY-SA-3.0.

On November 19th, Semanticpédia project, resulting from a partnership between the French Culture ministry, the national institute for informatics and automatics research (Inria) and Wikimédia France, was officially launched and signed by French Culture minister herself, Aurélie Filippetti, during a study day organized in the National Art History Institute (Inha), Colbert Gallery, in Paris.

See the project presentation and the program of the study day on Wikimédia France website.
See the photos taken of the agreement signing between the French Culture ministry, the INRIA et Wikimédia France on Wikimedia Commons.

On November 28th, Thierry Coudray made a lecture on Wikipedia for the students of the Institut pratique du journalisme, journalism school in Paris.

Media exposure

Adrienne Alix was interviewed by Archimag, a monthly magazine for information professionals (librarians and archivists).


On November 8th, Envoyé spécial, a prime-time TV broadcast on the national channel France 2, dedicated a report on Wikipedia, in which several French Wikipedia contributors spoke.


On November 23rd, Rémi Mathis and Pierre-Carl Langlais (Alexander Doria) participated in Arrêt sur images by Daniel Schneidermann, web broadcast.

See the broadcast on Arrêt sur images website (restricted access to subscribers).

Caroline was interviewed on Toulouse local radio FMR on the occasion of Capitole du libre, free software meeting.

News from the "cabals" (local meetings)


On Novembre 24th, as part of "Capitole du libre" (meetings in Toulouse around open source software with Ubuntu Party), Adrienne Alix presented a conference called « Wikipédia, Wikimédia, et après », to an audience of around 60 people. The cabal of Toulouse (Caroline, Fabrice, Guillaume, Pierre-Selim, Zetud) ran a stand to present the association's projects. Caroline (Lena) and Pierre-Selim made a photo essay. This day was an opportunity to discuss with associations that are already close to Wikimedia (OpenStreetMap, Framasoft) or find new possible partners (MuseScore).

Working groups’ actions


On November 21, 22, and 23, Wikimedia France rented a booth in the professional space Educatec/Educatice in the European Education show. Those three days were an opportunity to numerous, fruitful exchanges, answering questions on Wikipedia, but also on Wikiversity and Wiktionary. They also allowed to introduce Wikimedia France and inform on the meeting in december that raises great interest.


On November 12, Carol Ann O'Hare met with 8th grade pupils at the collège Marengo in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). The librarian is starting an improvement project of Wikipedia articles on Toulouse with all the pupils of the school.


On November 14, Carol Ann took part in a Wikipedia contribution training with educational teams of the secondary school Wikicompetition.


On November 23, Carol Ann participated in a meeting with the staff of the Ligue de l’enseignement ("Teaching league") to continue our partnership on the support to the improvement of the Portal:Popular education on Wikipédia.


From 26 to 30 November, Wikimédia France received a student of 3e (in an internship "Discovery of the world of work"). The goal of the observational internship is to discover the association, its role, the work of the staff and volunteers.

Photo and reports

Marie-Lan got an accreditation for the Île-de-France students’ Mass in the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris on November 8. This permitted to get recent portraits of the cardinal André Twenty-Three and to take photos of the whole Mass of the Roman Catholic church, subject on which Wikimedia Commons only has a few images of good quality.

See the specific category on Wikimedia Commons.

Research and university

This month, the partnership with the University Lille Nord de France was continued with a new training session for 24 PhD students. Two workshops were organized and animated by Rémi Bachelet, Esprit Fugace and Carol Ann.


On November 12, Carol Ann participated in a meeting in Toulouse with partners of the exhibition Plante idéale ("Ideal plant") to define the participation of Wikimédia France.



  • Contributors to the 52nd monthly newsletter in French (from which this report is derived) : Bapti, CarolAnnO, Floflo, Hégésippe Cormier, Jastrow, Léna, Moyg, Natma, Remi Mathis, PierreSelim, Thesupermat, Vigneron, Wikinade and Zetud.