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Wikimédia France Report
February 2013

General assembly[edit]

The General Assembly of Wikimédia France was held on February 23 in Toulouse.

The association's provisional budget for the financial year of July 2013-June 2014 was presented and approved (194 yes, 14 no, 8 blank votes).

News from the "cabals" (local meetings)[edit]


A third training workshop took place on Wednesday, February 13 at the Center for digital culture of the university of Strasbourg. Led by Ji-Elle, Kyah117, Rudloff, Claude Truong-Ngoc, MathsPoetry and Psychoslave, this workshop welcomed nine new enthusiastic contributors.

See page StrasWeb in « projets pédagogiques ».

On February 17, Claude took part in the 35th symposium of the Society for history of the Hebrews in Alsace Lorraine in order to prepare a partnership aiming at photographing its important collection of Alsatian Jew items that is curated at the Alsatien Museum in Strasbourg. The pictures taken there illustrate five biographies on Wikipedia and appear on the web site of the Shial.


On Monday, December 10, 2012, a meeting was held in front of around twenty people to present the project "Brest, Wikipedia town". The objective was to encourage a variety of local actors to engage in the production and improvement of shared contents, both existing Wikipedia pages and new articles on places or celebrities belonging to the culture of Brest.

A first workshop took place on Monday, December 17, to introduce Wikipedia to four members of the staff of the tourist office. Thanks to their interest in the project, new contributions were made on topics about tourism in Brest "métropole océane".

During a second workshop on Tuesday, February 5, informations about sport in Brest were updated with actors from the sport community.


On Monday, February 11, a workshop called "Wikipedia : illustrating the encyclopedia" took place at the "Cantine Numérique” (a coworking space hosting lectures and workshops on all digital matters) in Rennes. During this ninety minutes long event, around twelve participants were introduced to Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia, with four trainers from the NCO.

Despite the complexity of the user interface of Wikimedia Commons, the participants successfully inserted images from Commons into Wikipedia, which satisfied the instructors.

See the report on Wikipedia.

Other information desks are scheduled every month at the "Cantine Numérique" : the next one will be a general workshop around Wikipedia and will take place on March 11.


Books around Wikipedia were displayed inside the three libraries.
— Pierre-Selim, CC-BY.

Three workshops introducing Wikipedia Framakey were organised in the libraries of Toulouse (Cabanis, Grand M, and Empalot). Around fifteen people attended the presentation of this USB key containing open-source softwares and the French-speaking Wikipedia. Around twenty Framakey USB keys are available for loan and regularly borrowed. An "institutional" library card was made for the association. This subscription will allow Wikimedia France to borrow of up to thirty-six documents for outdoor workshops.

See the reports on Wikipedia.

On February 26, Schiste, Léna and Pierre-Selim met the association La Mêlée at the "Cantine Numérique" to prepare a conference followed by monthly workshops. The conference should take place in the beginning of April and the workshops should start in May.

Working groups actions[edit]


Last November, Remi Mathis made a speech about "Wikipedia and education" during the symposium Metamorphosis of work and writing during the digital age : a resurgence of humanities ? (« Rendez-vous des lettres »).

See video on the web site of the "academie de Versailles".

On February 6, Wikimedia France ran a stand at the InterTice show, which was organised by the "academie de Versailles".


On February 20, Carol Ann ran a conference meeting during the Mercredis de Créteil with teachers from the "academie de Versailles".


The technical work of uploading to Wikimedia Commons shared assets from the municipal library ("Ancely") and the museum of Toulouse ("Trutat") was carried on this month.


Wikimedia UK organises in April in London a lecture called "GLAM Wiki". A presentation entitled “Project Phœbus: a scientific dissemination model between Wikimedia Commons and the Museum of Toulouse” was submitted and accepted. The working group was pleased about the results of the contest of the Wikimedia Commons picture of the month, taken within this project with the museum of Toulouse.

Photos and reports[edit]

Several Wikimedians took pictures of the new bells of Notre-Dame de Paris, during a private visit.

See the specific category on Wikimedia Commons.

Pyb got several accreditations: final of Ice Hockey French Cup, final of the Women's Handball French Cup and an American football match.

Research and university[edit]

On February 5 and 11, Rémi Bachelet and Carol Ann ran a new training session with PhD students from the university of Lille, Northern France.

See the page on Wikiversity.

The training session from November 2012 to February 2013 with the university of Lille Northern France, was assessed.


This month, Rémi Bachelet, Litlok, Alexander Doria and Carol Ann met to schedule the next steps of Wikimedia France Research Award. The announcement of the five articles selected by the jury and the call for a vote were made to the community. The voting deadline is March 11, and the winner will be announced at the end of March.

See the page and the abstracts of the selected articles. See the dedicated website, the blog announcements of Wikimedia France and Wikimedia Foundation.

Within our partnership with URFIST (Unité Régionale de Formation à l'Information Scientifique et Technique), Carol Ann led a training session with the digital university of Paris Ile-de-France with PhD students, instructors, and librarians.


On February 25, Florian (Floflo) took part in the participative conference « Proactive citizenship, a solution to environmental challenges» organised by the association Anciela in Sciences Po Lyon. Associations representatives, local communities representatives, researchers and PhD students discussed those topics and possible practical solutions.


The microfunding committee agreed to buy a book about the Sainte-Chapelle of Paris.

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

The French WLM working group had a Skype meeting to organize the next edition. Topics yet to be discussed are possible awards and tasks to be done. WLM is looking for volunteers to organise the contest or be part of the jury.


Pair of European_Bee-eater (Merops apiaster)
— Pierre Dalous, CC-by-SA

The winner of the seventh POTY (Picture Of The Year) contest in 2012 is a picture taken within the Phœbus project by Pierre Dalous, curator and ornithologist at the museum of Toulouse. The Phœbus project is included in the partnership signed in 2010 between the city of Toulouse and Wikimedia France.

See dedicated page on Wikimedia Commons.

Furthermore, among other finalists were several Wikimedia members : Cquoi, Jastrow and Jebulon.

See Wikimedia Commons Frost by Cquoi, epeeists by Jastrow and a sculpture by Jebulon.