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Wikimédia France Report
March 2013

Latest news from the association[edit]

In the media[edit]

On February 9, Rémi Mathis was invited at the Vinvinteur, which is a news broadcast on television about digital culture.

See the interview (40 minutes) on YouTube ; or the broadcast of February 9, « Why is Wikipedia so reliable? » replay


On March 14, Benjamin Smith took part in a round table organised by SOS Racisme about discriminations on the internet and ways to oppose them. Around sixty associations and companies involved in fighting discriminations, student unions and internet actors met. Other meetings are planned. This round table was an opportunity for Wikimedia to better explain its projects and work upstream to avoid any misunderstandings.

News from the "cabals" (local meetings)[edit]


The first Wikipedia information desks were started in Grenoble by the local group (akaCabale à la noix or nut cabal) and CCSTI LA Casemate.

See page about Wikipedia information desks.


The association (Agamitsudo, Otourly, pom445, Nouill and Ursus) attended the salon Primevère of Lyon, at Eurexpo (Chassieu) for the first time. More than 200 people came to the stand on March 8, 9, and 10.


Participants at the end of the day « Wiki Takes Dinan ».
— EdouardHue, CC-BY-SA.

On March 11, members animated the monthly workshop at the "Cantine Numérique" (a coworking space hosting lectures and workshops on all digital matters) in Rennes. On March 22, Alcide talon, Pymouss, Sémhur, Vigneron, and XIIIfromTOKYO ran a Wikipedia workshop in Angers within the "Forum des archivistes" (archivists forum). On March 29, Pymouss and Vigneron met with the person responsible for the heritage fund at the library of Condorcet de Montivilliers (Seine-Maritime).

On March 30, EdouardHue, XIIIfromTOKYO and Berdea went to Lorient with Fañch, Wikimedia France's camera and took pictures of monuments.

Follow-up of February's outdoor actions[edit]

On February 16, the NCO invited contributors from Western France and beyond to « Wiki takes Dinan » in order to make up for the lack of pictures on this beautiful medieval city. A sunny afternoon followed the misty morning and the ten Wikipedians took pictures of the streets, monuments, and churches. Of course, Fañch was part of the event. 180 pictures have been uploaded to Wikipedia takes Dinan and more are yet to come. The substantial work of sorting them out and inserting them into articles is still in progress.


The art historian Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper being photographed by a Wikimedian.
— Ji-Elle, CC-BY-SA.

On March 5, a short meeting with the assistant curator of the Cabinet des estampes et des dessins de Strasbourg, who is a contributor, took place. Pictures are to be taken by Ji-Elle.

On March 14, Ji-Elle met with the curator of the Musée de minéralogie de Strasbourg (mineralogy museum in Strasbourg) and took pictures of its collections.

See category on Wikimedia Commons.

On March 26, the new regional cabal called Cab'alsacienne was funded during an information session. (Claude Truong-Ngoc, Ji-Elle, Kyah117, Maths-Poetry, Rudloff...)

On March 27, the symposium Patrimoine partagé (shared heritage) was covered by Ji-Elle and Claude Truong-Ngoc.

See the program of the symposium (pdf document) and the corresponding category on Wikimedia Commons.

Working groups actions[edit]


This month the wikicontest was carried on in Toulouse with five sections in 10th and 11th grade. The end of the contest is scheduled in April and the award ceremony will take place in June.


bovin head – Mass to weigh gold powder.
— Archaeodontosaurus, CC-BY-SA.

Lena and Pierre-Selim went to the Museum of Toulouse to take pictures of its ethnographic collections: more than a hundred of masses used to weigh the gold of Akan people.


On March 7, Adrienne, Marie-Lan, Lionel and Coyau visited the workshops of the factory of Sèvres, city of ceramic. They made a first photo/video tracking.


On March 28, Adrienne, together with Aymeric, held a conference at the RIME workshop - Réseau international des musées d’ethnographie (International network of ethnographic museums) at the Quai Branly and presented the GLAM partnerships.


On March 12, a Wikipedia training workshop took place with the student office of the École du Louvre. (school of the Louvre).

Photos and reports[edit]

China (Shanghai), team technical routine, Open Make Up For Ever.
— ~Pyb, CC-BY-SA.

Marie-Lan (Jastrow) got an accreditation for the Challenge international de Saint-Maur, a competition of the Fencing Worl Cup (Epée, Women).

See the specific category on Wikimedia Commons.

Fabrice (Thesupermat), Pierre Yves (Pyb) et Wikinade have covered the salon du livre de Paris 2013 (Paris Book fair), with the support of Wikimedia France.

See the specific category on Wikimedia Commons.

Caroline, Pierre-Selim and Didier Descouens have taken pictures of the collection of ethnology of the Museum de Toulouse, thanks to the Phoebus Project.

See the specific category on Wikimedia Commons.

Pierre-Yves (Pyb) got several accreditation and borrowed Wikimedia France equipment for several sport events: synchronized swimming, American football, Women's Football French Cup and the finals of the Volleyball French Cup.

See the specific categories: 1/ synchronized swimming ; 2/ American football ; 3/ Women's football ; et 4/ Volleyball on Wikimedia Commons.

On March 27th, the 1000th picture taken with the Wikimedia's photo studio was uploaded on Wikimedia Commons.

See the Category « Images soutenues par Wikimédia France - Studio photo ».


In early March, Aymeric Geoffre-Rouland joined the association's salaried team for a 6 month internship as a third year student of the European Communication School (ECS) in Paris. He will be in charge with missions related to both internal and external communication, especially:

Research and university[edit]

This month, the working groups Translation, Education and Research worked on the translation and adaptation of a leaflet with feedbacks from university teachers who used Wikipedia for teaching.


On March 14, Wikimedia France attended the digital day at the university of Paris Descartes (Paris). We ran a stand and presented the various Wikimedia projects to staff working on higher education. On this occasion, around a hundred leaflets Using Wikipedia with yous students were given. Rémi Mathis took part in a round table entitled Open publication and intellectual property.

See the web site of the digital day.

The voting period for the Wikimedia France award of research ended on March 11. There was a total of around thirty votes. The winner will be announced in early April.

See voting page and abstracts of the selected articles.

On March 25, Carol Ann conducted a debate on the stakes of the Wikimedia projects with 20 university students in Master of Information and Communication during their course digital communication, project management and strategic watch.


On March 28, Jean-Frédéric gave a lecture at the research center Inria Lille-Nord Europe. Topics were the structure of the Wikimedia movement and projects, some history around the birth of Wikipedia, elements on the readers of Wikipedia (among them researchers), intellectual property rights and some examples in the use of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons as vectors of scientific communication.


The microfunding committee agreed to buy a flash for the Strasburger wikimedians.