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February 2014

February 1
  • Transmission of episode 14/02 of Moebius 90.9 at 90.9 FM and ibero909fm.
February 5
Workshop as an introduction about Wikipedia at Conabio
February 7
During the class given by Ernesto Priani, Ph.D.
February 8
February 10
Talk about Wikipedia during the Week Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of CEUAMI (UAM Iztapalapa's Center of Students)
  • Talks by Carmen Alcázar and Gustavo Sandoval Kingwergs of WMMX about copyright/copyleft, Wikipedia and wikitranslations. Department of Electric Engineering, the Department of Undergraduate Courses on Computer Sciences and the Computer Science Student Chapter at the Autonomous Metropolitan University-Iztapalapa (CEUAMI).
February 12
  • Assisting Pablo Miranda to load the files created during the Social Service Program/Wikipedia Club at UNAM's School of Philosophy and Literature. Article: Eugenia Meyer, written by Rodrigo Calleja.
February 14
  • Wikipedia workshop by professors Francisco Barrón, Iván Salgado García, Adriana Sánchez and Óscar Santana, from Wikipedia Education Program, at UNAM's School of Philosophy and Literature.
February 15
  • Semiannual report of activities accomplished by University of Ecatepec's Club WikiUNE. This student group has been editing Wikipedia and Wikisource during several months regarding Mexican laws and legal issues. The authorities of San Cristóbal Ecatepec school attended the event, which took place at the auditorium: professor [Usuario:Jorge Luis Esquivel Zubiri Jorge Luis Esquivel Zubiri], who is the project's coordinator and an ambassador of Wikipedia in the university, and Guadalupe García García, the club's coordinator. Club WikiUNE has already sent its formal application to obtain its recognition as a student organization before Wikimedia México.
Read more about this project at the Wikimedia Foundation's global blog. >>.
February 18
  • Mounting WikiLovesMonuments México 2013's winning photographs at UNAM's School of Philosophy and Literature.
Inauguration, at UNAM's School of Philosophy and Literature, of the travelling exhibition of WLMMX 2013's winning photographs.
February 20
  • Meeting with Campus Party in order to plan Campus Party 2014 edition and the participation of Wikimedia México
  • Inauguration of the exhibit of WikiLovesMonuments México 2013's winning photographs at UNAM's School of Philosophy and Literature
Inauguration the exhibition of WikiLovesMonuments México 2013's winning photographs
February 21
February 22
  • New emission of episode 14/03 of 90.9 Moebius 90.9 at 90.9 FM and ibero909fm
  • Monthly Wikipedia workshop: in order to reinforce the participation in the Wikimedia Foundation's best known project, we decided to start offering a monthly Wikipedia workshop, an activity which seeks to establish a periodic meeting for those people who wish to start participating in the project, improve the edition abilities of the current members of the chapter and generate more members in the community.
February 24
  • Annual planning meeting with Eva Gómez, from Centro Cultural de España en México.
February 25
Our volunteer Andrés (user:Andycyca) in our montly workshop of February.
February 28
During the month of February
  • Supporting the translation into Spanish of the Wikimedia Foundation's social networks.
  • Planning the implementation of MediaWiki with UNAM's School of Philosophy and Literature's translation module.
Guadalupe, president of student club WIKIUNE and Jorge, law professor and Wikipedia embassador.


WikiUNE students club[edit]

Leaded by one teacher that received some talks from Wikimedia Mexico, a group of students of the University of Ecatepec started some activities related to mexican law in the Wikimedia projects. They have uploaded the text of some mexican laws and acts to spanish Wikisource, they made up a course of Law of obligations in Wikiuniversity and write down some articles in Wikipedia about legal topics. They worked all the past semester and on February, 2014 they invited WMMX board members and school authorities to be in a presentation about the achievements of the club. The group is now called "WikiUNE Club" and is asking for be recognized as official club affiliated to Wikimedia Mexico. The teacher and lawyer Jorge Luis Esquivel Zubiri is now interested in create a new club in other university where he is teacher either.

[ Read the post in

Wikimedia Blog >>]

Wiki Loves Monuments México 2013 exhibition[edit]

As we did the last year, we organized an exhibition of the ten winner photographs of Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 in Mexico. The images were printed out in big format and the exhibition room was donated by our partners of the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In the inauguration attended the principal of faculty, some winners of the contest and WMMX board members and volunteers. The exhibition was there till March 15th, and in the next months it will start a tour inside Mexico city and around other cities of this country.

Wikipedia Education Program in Mexico[edit]

Since last year we launcher a pilot education program with some universities of Mexico in which we are teaching how to use Wikipedia in the classroom, how to edit it and evaluation techniques. So far, we have implemented this program in:

  • Facultad de Estudios Superiores Aragón de la UNAM.
  • Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la UNAM.
  • Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, campus Iztapalapa.
  • Universidad de las Américas Puebla.

Now, we are on talks with Wikimedia Argentina to interchange experiences in this field and create a sort of syllabus to standardize the contents and teachings of this program. Besides we are introducing the use of the education program extension to measure the successful of these efforts.

Proyectos:Programa Educativo UDLAP >>
Programa de Educación de Wikipedia >>

Monthly Wikipedia workshop[edit]

This year we started a new project which consist in a monthly Wikipedia workshop. The point is to have a regular activity in fixed dates and place to announce it permanent activity and allow people to attend, learn how to edit Wikipedia and know some mexican wikipedists. This workshop will be give independently of the number of new people that assist because it will be used also as permanent meeting of volunteers for teaching each other their own experiences in Wikimedia projects.