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Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Nederland/200809

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Chapters meetup (old)


At the end of May Wikimedia Nederland coordinated a chapters meetup in Nijmegen. Representatives of 10 chapters and the WMF were present. Topics were amongst others the future of chapters, the relation between chapters and the WMF and the chapter seats on the WMF BoT. Lodewijk sent a more extensive report to some lists a while ago. Reports: English, Nederlands.

Wikimedia workshop (old)


On July 12 a Wikimedia workshop was given in Nijmegen. 12 Wikimedians were present to learn about checkuser, open proxies and the Wikipedia help pages.

Working group Free Media (old)


The Working group has been working on the Wikiportrait project. An upload wizard has been activated, to make it easier for encyclopedic Dutch people to upload an image of themselves. About 80 pictures were recieved up to now.

Wikimedia Conference NL 2008


The working group WCN 2008 is working hard on the organization of the annual conference on November 1 in Utrecht. The registrations opened recently, and speakers include Philipp Birken, Erik Zachte, Arnoud Engelfriet and Jan-Bart de Vreede. Reports: Activiteiten 2008 (en)#Wikimedia Conference NL 2008, Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland 2008

Wikimania 2010


Wikimedia Nederland is working on a bid for Wikimania 2010 in The Netherlands. A group of members has shown interest and entho

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usiasm, and will be working on it. The General Assemblee and the board have approved that a bid will be created.

Green Paper


The Dutch Wikipedia has been approached by the Dutch ministry of Justice to give a reaction on the Green Paper on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy. Wikimedia Nederland will be attending a meeting on the ministry on this subject, and will be writing a reaction to the European Commission. A working group has been formed after discussion on the General Assemblee. This working group will also work on national copyright legislation (which are currently under debate in the parliament). Several European organizations in the Free Content/License field have been informed and contacted for input. The reaction of NL Wikimedia will be translated in English in time so the other chapters can (modify and) submit the document to their local government and/or the European Commission.



A presentation was given by Marco on the Software Freedom Day and a delegation attended the Holland Open Source Conference.

Change in the Board


Marjon stepped down from the board, and Lodewijk replaced Ronald as treasurer.

General Assemblee


On Sunday September 14 a General Assemblee was held. Issues regarding the green paper and Wikimania 2010 were amongst the discussed topics, but also were new activities initiated, such as a leaflet series.

News letter


The board is working on news letters to the members now, in Dutch. These are also online through the website: http://nl.wikimedia.org/wiki/Nieuwsbrief

Two editions have been sent out.