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This is the Chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for August 2012

Content projects[edit]

  • Sandra Fauconnier (board member cultural projects, WMNL) and Sandra Rientjes (director, WMNL) had a first meeting with board members and volunteers of the Foundation for Hebrew and Yiddish Words in the Dutch Language, SHJ - - who are very interested in integrating their further lexicographic activities (integration of new vocabulary) into the Dutch Wiktionary. After a check with Dutch Wiktionary volunteers, this contact will be followed up.

Technical projects[edit]

  • CoSyne project. The online demo environment is now completed. The demo contains abstracts (mostly the introductory part from an article) from 30 different Wikipedia articles, most of them available in Dutch, English, German and Italian. A Wiki-zaterdag special on Cosyne will take place on September 15: the demo, the objectives, the machinery behind it, will be explained and editors can actually work with de demo themselves.

Press and outreach[edit]

  • Director and board members continued to work on the new Wikipedia flyer.
  • Motivaction, a well respected survey agency with a good reputation for surveys conducted for non-profit companies, was given the assignment to conduct a large scale survey under members of Wikimedia NL and under Dutch wikipedia users. Aim is to learn more about their motivation and interests and to gather feedback for our support program and thus strengthen the wikimedia community.
  • Wiki loves Monuments International and The Netherlands took a flight in this final month of preparations. Website, press-communications, lists, mobile apps... Everything and everyone got ready to head of in the month of September. See also the list of press mentions on Commons.
  • Wikimedia Conference had another meeting and decided on the taks that needed to be done. A call for speakers went out through the site notice on Wikipedia in the first half of the month and through the Central Notice the second half of the month.

Other meetings[edit]

The board met on the weekend of August 25th/26th in Soesterberg, close to Utrecht. The main subject was the activities plan and budget 2013.


  • The director and two board members interviewed several applicants for the new jobs on public relations and member-support. Two wikimedia members interviewed the applicants as well, and finally two candidates were selected. Conditions of employment are now discussed with the candidates. They will be appointed as per October 1, 2012.
  • An important document (Taken & bevoegdheden) regarding responsibilities and tasks of either the board or the director and her staff was discussed during the board meeting of August 26. A final version of the document will be subject to decision making during the board meeting on September 13.


  • Wiki Loves Monuments NL and several Wiki Takes the city in September
  • CoSyne seminar in our offices on 15th of September
  • General assembly on 23th op September, to present the plan for 2013 and the new strategic plan
  • Dutch annual conference in November