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This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for March 2013.

Technical projects[edit]

Wikimedia Hackathon Amsterdam 2013.svg
  • The organization of the international hackaton 2013 in Amsterdam progresses. Up to now 64 participants subscribed. The program gains body. For actual info see the website [1]

Content projects[edit]

  • Together with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision we organized the meeting Wiki Loves Sounds. A full day, with an attractive program was designed by our new staff member Sebastiaan ter Burg. NISV shared information about the collection 'Het Geluid van Nederland' (Sounds from the Netherlands). The Wikimedia edit-a-thon on sound was followed by the creation of a radio play. The day was concluded with a special musical live mix. The activities on sound will be continued.

Board and Staff[edit]

  • The annual assessment of our director Sandra Rientjes by 2 board members took place on tuesday 26. We are positive about her performance and we offered her an extension of the current contract for another 2 years.
  • The results of the Motivaction survey became available early in March. We discussed the results of the survey in depth during our monthly council meeting, paying special attention to the answers that are related to the possibilities of extending our current netwerk of volunteers. The results of the survey will be shared and discussed with our members as well, on Wikizaterdag May 4.


  • The training on presentation techniques, scheduled for March 9, was cancelled due to lack of interest. We investigate the reasons and will retry next fall.

Other meetings[edit]

  • The Algemene Ledenvergadering (General Assembly) of WMNL was held on Saturday, March 23. The annual report and financial statements for 2012 were approved. A new Board has been elected.
  • During Wikizaterdag on March 9 we met with 7 students from Nyenrode University. They are to conduct a survey on Wikivoyage for us in May.


  • May 13: Edit-a-thon on fashion in collaboration with Centraal Museum Utrecht. This is part of the greater Europeana Fashion project and we hope to attract more women to Wikipedia community.