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Wikimedia Nederland report for April 2017

Community and Participation[edit]

E-learning programme on line communication skills[edit]

Our partner e-Coach Pro has developed the first drafts of an e-Learning programme which will allow Wikimedians to further develop their skills in online communication. The content is reviewed by a group of experienced Wikipedians to ensure that it meets the needs of the editing community. The plan is that the programme will be online before the summer.


Image donation: Picture books from Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 19 april 2017[edit]

Illustration from Cinderella

The national library of the Netherlands (KB) donated 2608 public domain images from 187 historic children's picture books (period 1810-1880) to Wikimedia Commons. The images are taken from the Memory of the Netherlands, to which the KB and the public libraries of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Deventer have contributed.

Project Nature[edit]

Preparations have started for a Wikipedia workshop about nature which will be held in May.


Wikimedia Nederland presented during the Avans Onderwijsdag on 13 April in 's Hertogenbosch (the workshop was given twice during that day; around 60 people attended). This day is intended for all staff of Avans Hogeschool, to discuss and present current and new developments in education. The presentation focused on explaining the Wikimedia movement and showing how and why contributions by students are valued and important. Several staff members showed interest in using Wikimedia in education, including using Wikidata for research and teaching. Presentation is here (in Dutch).

Public libraries[edit]

The Midden-Brabant public library held a photohunt in Spoorzone in Tilburg on 1 April to take pictures of local heritage for Wikimedia Commons. Uploads can be seen here. Eight users, of which 7 newly registered, uploaded 250 photos in total. This activity is part of the Wikipedia and Public Libraries program of WMNL.

Netherlands and the World[edit]

The Tomb of Christina Gerhardina Kloppenburg and H.A. Borwater in Dutch Cemetery,Chinsurah

The West Bengal Wikimedians have organised a photo walk to document the Dutch cemetery in Chinsurah, a Dutch colony between the 17th and 19th centuries. During the photo walk, they took 93 photos of the cemetery. At the same time, they created Wikidata items for the people buried there and geotagged a number of the graves. To top it off, they created a SPARQL query for Wikidata to show the results on a map. More details are available on the project page.

A flyer on the Netherlands and the World Exchange Platform was circulated among the ~300 (?) attendees of the Wikimedia Conference 2017. Flyer can be seen here.


The 'The women you've never met' contest ran untill april 9th and led to an impressive amount of new pages on Wikipedia. In May we will announce the winners.

Two gendergap team volunteers have made arrangements with 'Het Nieuwe Instituut' for a writing afternoon in association to add (Dutch and international) female architects to Wikipedia. The afternoon will be held in June.

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

The Wiki Loves Monuments team has been preparing a pilot for a new addition to Wiki Loves Monument: The Monuments Challenge on Wikipedia. This challenge wil run from May 1 to May 31. Participants participate in the contest by writing articles about national monuments.

Communication and publicity[edit]


We sent out our newsletter of April.

Organisation and governance[edit]

Wikimedia Nederland received a donation of €100,000 from a private grant maker. The funds are to be used to facilitate and support the work on gender gap and project nature. We are discussing with the volunteer community how to make best use of this genererous donation over the coming years.

The General Assembly took place on April 22. The members approved the annual report 2016. Two new board members were elected: Mike Nicolaye and Michel Wesseling. Mike is an experienced Wikipedian. Michel Wesseling is the former chair of the KNVI (Royal Society of Information Professionals). They bring valuable expertise to the Board. Treasurer Jan Anton Brouwer stepped down after four years of dedicated service.

We published our Impact report 2016.