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This is Wikimedia Serbia activity report for the year 2009.


Launch of the project "Female Inventors" (writing articles about famous female inventors and subsequent promotion in the paper Borba) in cooperation with the PR agency Media Praxis, paper Borba and Dimitrije Tucović Fund
July 21
Launch of the Wikimedia database backup project in cooperation with Ebart archives
November 10
Launch of the portal


January 15
Lecture "Wikipedia in the syllabus" at the 25th Specialized Republic Seminar for Teachers of Computer Science and Informatics in Primary and Secondary Schools, Sava Center, Belgrade (Đorđe Stakić)
March 14
Pi day event at the Youth Center of Belgrade
April 3 - 5
Participation at the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin (Nikola Smolenski)
June 6 - 7
Meeting with the representatives of FLOSSK
August 29 - 30
Participation at the FLOSSK meetup in Priština (Miloš Rančić, Branislav Jovanović)
November 26
Press conference at the Youth Center of Belgrade regarding 100,000 articles in Serbian Wikipedia and 20,000 news items in Serbian Wikinews (Goran Obradović, Filip Maljković)
Wikipedia in Serbian language awarded the Web fest award in the educational category; The award was accepted by Goran Obradović on December 25


July 8
Signed a contract about technical cooperation with EUnet ISP
August 26
Meeting with the Minister of Defense, Dragan Šutanovac, about the digitalization of the Military Encyclopedia (Miloš Rančić, Goran Obradović, Sveta Matić)
September 7
Sent a letter to the Minister of Defense about mutual cooperation
October 2
Meeting with Sreten Ugričić, director of the National Library of Serbia, regarding the digitalization of the Military Encyclopedia and access to KoBSON, digital academic archive, for Wikimedia Serbia members (Miloš Rančić, Nikola Smolenski)
October 8
Meeting with the representatives of Archive of Serbia regarding possible future cooperation (Dragan Satarić)
November - February 2010
Offline fundraising with small businesses in Vojvodina, in order to get technical equipment for Regional Section for Vojvodina (laptop subsequently bought in November 2011)
Signed the Letter of Intentions with the PR company Media Praxis
Held 19 public meetups throughout the year


February 8
Interview "Who Patrols Wikipedia" for the paper Politika
February 18 - 19
Interview in the culture program and for the show "10 i po" of Radio Belgrade 1 (Filip Maljković, Nikola Smolenski, Đorđe Stakić)
Article (based on interviews with Wikimedia Serbia members) at the Monopolist magazine of the Faculty of Economy, University of Belgrade
Article "Wiki technology - creation, development and importance" at the Infoteka magazine of the Library Community of Serbian Universities (Đorđe Stakić)
August 11
Interview "Belgrade - 'Manhattan' of the region" for the paper Novosti (Miloš Rančić)
August 14
Interview "Belgrade - Center of the Largest Internet Encyclopedia" for the paper Blic (Miloš Rančić)
Interview in the show "Beograde, dobar dan" and in the news of TV Studio B (Miloš Rančić)
August 17
Interview in the morning program of TV B92 (Miloš Rančić)
August 20
Interview "Knowledge Requires Freedom As Well" for the paper Ilustrovana politika (Miloš Rančić)
August 29
Interview for the paper Borba (Miloš Rančić)
October 26 - 28
Series of articles (interviews) "Diaspora Writes for the Encyclopedia About Everything As Well", "Internet War with Neighbors" and "Professor copies from a student" for the paper Frankfurske vesti (Filip Maljković, Ana Mladenović)
November 27
Interview regarding 100,000 articles in Serbian Wikipedia for Radio Belgrade 202 (Goran Obradović)
December 2
Interview in the show "Digital Icons" for Radio Belgrade 2 (Goran Obradović)
December 24
Interview regarding WMF fundraising for New Radio Belgrade
IV quarter
Interview "When I Say Encyclopedia, I think Wikipedia" for the magazine Info M (32/2009) (Nikola Smolenski, Goran Obradović)