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This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige for Q1 2009. My goal is to get back to monthly reports from now on again.

Annual report 2008[edit]

As you all probably have seen we managed to produce an annual report, inspired by the beautiful one from WMF. If you haven't seen it is available in English on our website.[1]

Wikipedia workshops[edit]

We have started a series of workshops, held at the Gothenburg City Library. So far we have had two of them and while the crowd isn't huge it is an excellent occasion to make a deep connection.


The big thing in media during the start of this period was the debate whether flagged revisions would be turned on or not. Or, should I say, the misconception that it already was turned on. Swedish media, in general, repeated English online media.

On the same day as our AGM we managed to get a full page debate article about copyright in one of the biggest newspaper in Sweden, Svenska Dagbladet.[2] Also the same day there was a full page interview with our chair, Lennart Guldbrandsson, in the biggest financial paper in Sweden. During entire March there was a two page article in Kupé, the magazine that is distributed as onboard reading on all trains in entire Sweden. These are unfortunately not available online.


We have produced one short members newsletter since the last report. It is available in english. [3]

Annual general meeting[edit]

On March 14 we had our third AGM, in Stockholm.[4] This year we were kindly allowed to hold it at the Royal Library, an honour with significance. We were also lucky to have Karl Sigfrid[5], a member of the parliament, as chairman of the meeting (yes, he is a member of WMSE). We had the highest number of members at the same place in the same time, but that still only counted for 17% of our members. The meeting was pretty uncontroversial, no resolutions were made and the entire board was re-elected. That left us with more time to discuss the future and the plan for 2009 which was very interesting and useful input to the board. On the meeting we showed a video with many Swedish politicians and celebrities interviewed on their look on Wikipedia. We had expected more criticism but instead it were more or less raised to the skies.

Getting pictures from museums[edit]

Inspired by WMDE we have started to contact museums and archives to discuss how we can make pictures more available. We have not been very lucky so far but with WMDE's recent announcement we are hopeful to produce some results soon.


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