Wikimedia meetup 2005/City Candidate List/Correspondence with DCB 4

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	From: 	  ropers at ropersonline dot com
	Subject: 	Re: Dublin
	Date: 	14 October 2004 19:12:20 GMT+02:00
	To: 	  jevans at dublinconventionbureau dot com

Hi Jean,

Many thanks for your emails.

Would it be ok for me to post your emails/word documents on the 
It would help us lots, due to the decentralized nature of our 
community and decisionmaking.

My postal address is at -- HOWEVER: As I'm 
myself currently resident in Germany, I'm thinking it might be 
better to post any physical brochures, etc. to one of our Irish 
Wikipedians (as they're likely going to be the local contacts). 
I will ask one of them about their address. Generally speaking, 
we'd actually prefer electronic documents, because, again, as 
we're an Internet-based community, the value of any one 
specific person having printed material in their possession 
might be limited. Jimmy Wales (the founder of Wikipedia and 
director of the Wikipedia Foundation, cf.  might be one of the few people it 
could make good sense to send documents to. Let's however only 
do that if and after Dublin gets selected -- because all our 
decisionmaking is essentially democratic and in ordinary 
circumstances Jimmy has only one vote, just as everybody else. 
Again, if you have further electronic documents which we could 
post on the web, that would be more than welcome.

Thanks a million for your help.

Thanks and regards,
Jens Ropers