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Initial email[edit]

This email should go out 1-2 weeks before the meeting. It should be sent to wikimediaannounce-l(_AT_) and forwarded to the staff and affiliates mailing lists.

Dear all,

The next Wikimedia Foundation metrics and activities will take place on [DATE]
at [TIME]. The IRC channel is #wikimedia-office on and the meeting will be broadcast as a live YouTube stream.

At next month's meeting, we will:

* Welcome recent hires
* Present a community update
* Review Wikimedia Foundation top-level metrics 
* Share research findings
* Showcase recent work
* Give a product demo
* Engage in questions/discussions

Please review
for further information about the meeting and how to participate.

We'll post the video recording publicly after the meeting.

Reminder email[edit]

The above email should be replied to, to the same recipients, with the following reminder 30 minutes before the meeting begins.

REMINDER: This meeting starts in 30 minutes.